Our Favorite Treatment for Colds & Flu

Drs. Marcel & Connie Hernandez, ND
Drs. Marcel & Connie Hernandez, ND

by Drs. Connie & Marcel Hernandez

This is the final entry in our Flu Season series. In a manner of speaking, we’ve saved the best for last.

We don’t often tout commercial products in these posts. But we’ve had such good results with Proboost® Thymic Protein A that we feel it would be a minor crime not to mention it to our readers.

It’s the number-one immune system enhancer we recommend to our patients at Pacific Naturopathic for colds and flu.

We use Proboost® ourselves, as we’ve found it consistently shortens the duration and lessens the severity of colds and flu, particularly when taken at the first signs of illness.

ProBoost® Thymic Protein A is a natural supplement that supports the immune system and helps jump-start an optimal immune response. ProBoost® has been called “the best single immune system supplement available” by MDS and health researchers. supplements

Dissolved under the tongue, ProBoost® releases Thymic Protein A which is known to enhance immune system function, making it a particularly good supplement for those whose immune systems are compromised or suppressed.

We believe that with ProBoost® you’ll experience decreased fatigue and improved general immunity.

Drs. Connie and Marcel both feel that ProBoost® should be in every medicine cabinet, and included in every travel first aid kit.

We prescribe it preventively to our patients, as well as for acute conditions. ProBoost® is available in our office. For more information, you can give us a call at Pacific Naturopathic: 650-917-1121.