Go With the Flow of Summer and Fire Qi — Chinese Medicine Perspective

Photo: Our grateful thanks to Leo Rivas on Unsplash!

by Anandini Wadera, LAc

Life is choice. Some choices demand hardly any brain power or attention, while some choices are all-consuming.

Anandini Ladera, Lac

Some of us are over-thinkers , endlessly re-hashing our present, past, and future choices. Some of us go about our lives avoiding choices, and ending up – somewhere? – without ever having made conscious choices. In the universal scheme, we each have our place.

By harmonizing ourselves with the Qi of the season, it can be easier to make unworried choices. We’ve now entered the Fire season, when Qi is ripe for change. Summer is a time when you can turn your choices more easily into actions while feeling natural and flowing, with plenty of Yang Qi internally and externally to support you.

Why not take time during the transition period to full summer to consider how you would like to spend the very active Fire months, and cultivate a reality that will feel effortless because you have Yang Qi at your heels.

Qi is the circulating life force and the foundation of much of Chinese philosophy and medical practice. For example, acupuncture works by balancing the body’s flow of qi to promote a free flow of energy throughout the body and improve and sustain health and wellness.

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