Evaluating Breast Health: Breast Thermography Services at Pacific Naturopathic

Photo: Our grateful thanks to James Wheeler on Unsplash!

Are there logical, easily doable steps you can take to monitor your breast health?

Short answer: Yes, indeed!

1. An initial step is to pay attention to your body and to any signs or symptoms of physical change or hormonal imbalance, however slight or seemingly insignificant.

If there’s a lump or bump, ultrasound may be able to differentiate a suspicious solid tumor from a usually harmless cystic mass.

2. A second step would be to consider screening options that could uncover hidden issues. These include ultrasound and thermography.

Thermography does no harm and can identify physiologic differences between one breast and the other.

  • If the thermographic reading indicates the presence of a medium-risk body, a next step might be a three-month trial of therapeutics designed to normalize breast health, with a follow-up thermogram at the end of the trial.
  • On the other hand, if the thermogram reading is high-risk, a next step might be a mammogram.
  • If the situation is still unclear, an MRI may clarify the situation.

NOTE: None of these steps are diagnostic for breast cancer. Thus, as a last diagnostic step, a breast biopsy would be indicated.

Note also that we’ve found upper-body thermography useful in identifying tooth and jaw conditions that may contribute to lymphatic issues in the breast tissue.

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