As Spring Draws to a Close … Take Time for Inner Renewal

Photo: Our grateful thanks to photographer Ray Hennessy on Unsplash!

by Connie Hernandez, ND

With summer fast approaching and a new light appearing dimly with COVID’s seeming end, the flowers are suddenly lovelier, birdsong is sweeter, and the pleasures of renewed in-person gatherings are precious.

No question, it’s time for new buds to flower.

As the moon’s cycles govern earth’s ocean tides, so the movements of moon and stars influence our lives.

New moons represent opportunities for release, renewal, and a spiritual re-set.

Full moons are vehicles of change, a time to embark on new paths.

April’s new moon was a time to muse on aspirations, set goals, and expand into new energies.

May’s new moon is a time for grounding intuition in reality, focusing on true values, and being calm and present.

Humankind’s colorful names for these moons reflect awakening potentials. The Native American Algonquins called the April new moon the Breaking Ice Moon.

The Dakotans called it the Moon When the Streams are Again Navigable.

To the Tlingit, it was the Budding Moon of Plants and Shrubs.

The Ogalala Sioux called it the Moon of the Red Grass Appearing – also, the Pink Moon, named after the Phlox Flower.

In spring, the animal world awakens, too. For the Lakota, the first spring moon is the Moon When the Ducks Come Back. The Cree called it the Frog Moon, and to the Dakota it was Moon When the Geese Lay Eggs, and the Sucker Moon – because it’s time to harvest sucker fish.

The Flower Moon of May is the Budding Moon, the Corn Planting Moon, the Egg-Laying Moon, the Frog Moon, and the Moon of the Shedding Ponies.

What will May’s full moon bring you?  Will it be the Moon of the Hummingbird’s Return, or the Moon of the Rose Bloom?

Or will it be the Moon of Expansive Communication, the Moon of Renewed Aspiration, the Moon of Re-emergence, or the Moon of Energization?

Will it be the Moon of Freedom within Limitations?

Perhaps the full moon in May will be your personal Anything Can Happen Moon.

Spring is a time to open ourselves to the experience of the present moment, allowing the world, in turn, to open to us.

Fine-tuning our intuition allows us to envision a present and future unbound by too much hyper-rational thinking or by superficial emotional likes and dislikes.

Given all the fear, destruction, and chaos of this unfortunate present moment, what better time to find moments for resting deliberately in an un-programmed inner space and allowing a new reality to coalesce around us? 

Whatever you choose to do with your springtime of new beginnings, know that the silent space of pure being within you offers portals to see what your own soul has in store.

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