Of Pandemics, Politics, and World Upheaval

Even a tiny candle has tremendous power to dispel darkness. (Photo: Our grateful thanks to Raimond Klavins on Unsplash.)

by Connie Hernandez, ND

What would you do differently, if you knew with absolute, irrefragable certainty that your thoughts and emotions were contributing to the collective consciousness of the world, and that the vibrations set up by your heart and mind, in turn, create subtle environments where harmful microscopic life forms such as viruses and bacteria can develop and thrive. And, more, that your own consciousness has a very real power to pattern the physiology and anatomy of your physical body?

The world mirrors our thoughts and feelings. Our thoughts, feelings, and actions have subtle but very real power to create environments in which we can live in harmony – or the oppposite.

Dr. Connie Hernandez, ND

Our health and happiness are formed to a far great extent than we realize by the state of our consciousness. Even the physical world is a material representation of an energetic reality, as Einstein discovered a hundred years ago. Energy – not matter – is the fundamental reality of the world, and of us.

If you were more aware of the power of your consciousness, would you work differently with your health challenges? Would you face pandemics and other illnesses from a different point of view?

How would your thoughts, feelings, and actions change if you knew for a certainty that your contributions to an enlightened collective consciousness could resolve the terrible, extremely contractive vibrations of pandemics and widespread political discord? 

It has been the teaching of sages of all times that thoughts have power, and modern research is confirming that it is so. Our thoughts, feelings, and actions powerfully affect the world and influence the people around us, for good or ill.

Conversely, our consciousness draws corresponding resonant energies to us and helps shape the world we experience.

Groups of people may share a stream of consciousness that encourages certain behaviors and attracts certain subtle energies that can manifest as epidemics, widespread unrest and war, and even the weather.  Families, friends, and other groups and cultures generate vibrations that contribute to the reality in which they live.

Powerful but misguided leaders give voice to the predominant consciousness of the times, and to a shared reality that begins to look like the truth to those who live it.

Focused loving and healing consciousness, shared by many, can transform the prevailing consciousness of wide swaths of the world.

Several years ago, a disgruntled patient sued Dr. Marcel and me. He had cancer, and was furious that we hadn’t cured him. The patient had been disagreeable to the extent of our having to isolate him during his office visits. We have always made it crystal-clear in our literature and in our consultations with cancer patients that we do not cure cancer; rather, we view our work as helping cancer patients move toward a more positive outcome and a better quality of life. While we’ve seen that in the best cases, cancers have disappeared, we have never foolishly held out a promise of such a rosy outcome.

Nonetheless, we were forced to hire a malpractice lawyer, who easily refuted the patient’s claims, whereupon the patient filed additional re-worded lawsuits that needed to be addressed. After several months, when I examined my heart, I found there only a profound compassion for the suffering, fearful, misguided person who filed the spurious lawsuits, blaming others when life didn’t fulfill his expectations.

After I prayed for him deeply and asked that he be blessed, he dropped the lawsuits that very night. Apparently, my reality no longer needed this teacher. 

It would be good for each of us to ask how we are contributing to peace and harmony in the world, and in our little slice of it.

By transforming our individual reality, we can help to negate or neutralize the discordant realities in the world. Worldwide movements of people who are striving for a deeper personal alignment with the highest spiritual currents of love, peace, calmness, wisdom, compassion, kindness, and joy are contributing very powerfully to a positive resolution of the world’s seemingly overwhelming problems.

When two or more of us are joined together in consciousness, as Jesus Christ promised, the Spirit is there among us, vastly magnifying our individual power for good. Together, in that stream of love, we can move mountains.

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