Our Big Island Vacation Rental – Enjoy a Break from the Mainland

Hawaii Retreat view.

Sweet, Safe, and Slow in “Old Hawaii”

For a while during the pandemic we were required to shut down our Hawaii vacation rental.

With the new rules (see below), we’re now accepting guests again – and reservations have been brisk.

Drs. Connie & Marcel

There are still many open spaces. At our VRBO website, you can read reviews and feast on the beauty of the facility and the three acres of orchard.

The requirements for a visit have shifted, and probably will shift again.

For now, a visit to the island of Hawaii requires a negative COVID test from an accepted lab within 72 hours of boarding your flight.

A second rapid COVID test is administered upon arrival at the airport.

This accomplished, the two-week quarantine is not required. You are free to roam the island, observing masking and social distancing just as you would on the mainland.

A number of guests at Pacific Naturopathic Retreat are choosing longer stays to rest, retreat, and enjoy the Islands’ natural wonders.

Fresh-picked mangoes for your breakfast table,

Contact us for longer stays, or follow the Vrbo link to see more photos and find available times for shorter stays.

If you’re interested, contact us directly at Pacific Naturopathic (650-961-1660), and we’ll let you know availability. NOTE: Booking directly through us, not the Vrbo website, will save you a chunk of money in fees.

You can also email Dr. Marcel directly at HawaiiND@mac.com with your questions.