Removing Environmental Toxins in our Bodies & Homes

by Connie Hernandez, ND

In a recent article, I described how Marcel and I subjected our bodies to testing for environmental toxins – and how shocked we were by the results.

Dr. Connie Hernandez, ND
Dr. Connie Hernandez, ND

Even though we both follow what most reasonable people would consider an exceptionally healthy lifestyle, we realized that it’s just about impossible in today’s world to completely avoid toxic contamination from the environment.

What can we do to protect ourselves and neutralize the threats?

In the same article, I suggested some measures for detoxifying our bodies. But the first, most essential step is fairly obvious: eradicate the source.

Of course, in this modern world, it’s easier said than done.  But having said that, let’s consider some basic solutions.

A friend of ours who’s a mold removal specialist in Hawaii tells us that the best first steps to eliminate mold include ensuring adequate air movement throughout our home, lighting otherwise dark areas, and dehumidifying home and work environments.

Where mold is hard to eradicate, the not-so-simple steps might include hiring a mold specialist to identify problem areas such as  water leakages that promote hidden mold growth, consulting on cleanup, possibly shock-treatment with ozone, and misting with a solution of water, hydrogen peroxide, and colloidal silver. (1 gallon water, 1 cup 35% hydrogen peroxide, 1 oz colloidal silver.)

The folks who make our favorite Bulletproof coffee sell a novel solution that makes quite a bit of naturopathic sense. Instead of focusing on killing environmental microbes (which can strengthen the bacterial strains and promote even more fungal growth), they suggest spraying the problem areas with a “homebiotic” solution that inoculates the household environment with good bacteria, thereby bringing about a natural balance.  (NOTE: we sell the Bulletproof Homeobiotic Concentrate in our office for $29.95. If you’re interested, you can call us at 650-917-1121, or send us a message using the Contact Form.)

Another friend in Hawaii discovered that the nasal congestion and itching and sneezing issues that had disrupted her sleep for more than 20 years, and for which she had tried virtually everything, responded instantly to a nebulized solution of one-half colloidal silver (Results RNA 200 ppm, for sale in our office) and half 3% food-grade hydrogen peroxide.

Most chronic sinus infections are now thought to be due to mold. And when addressing these problems, it’s good to know that fungi LOVE sugar. So – ridding your diet of simple sugars, simple carbs, hard cheeses, alcohol, and mold-contaminated foods such as peanuts and corn can take you a long way toward starving out the overgrowth.

As with environmental mold, consuming a high-quality probiotic is beneficial. Raw garlic and ginger are very helpful dietary additives.

For chemical toxins, it can help to bring plants into your household. For example, chrysanthemums and aloe vera are known to filter out benzene. And aloe, bamboo palm, spider plant, Boston Fern, English Ivy, and Mother in Law’s Tongue help remove formaldehyde.  (Plants also release oxygen.)

What about the toxins already present in your body? A safe, simple way to start eliminating them is with an infrared sauna. (We offer an excellent portable sauna for sale through our office. See here.)

You may have heard of the Hubbard Protocol. While it’s been widely disputed and ostensibly discredited online, it IS acknowledged that it has worked for many people. We don’t necessarily recommend the high niacin doses suggested in the protocol, but we heartily recommend the use of a sauna, as there’s plenty of evidence for its efficacy.

The skin is our body’s largest organ of detoxification. Aside from helping the body eliminate toxins by perspiration, we can help the skin eliminate even more toxins through the use of clay. Check out Ancient Minerals environmental detox clay baths.

Kaolin clay, as well as acalcium montmorillonitte clay, are considered among the best therapeutic agents for removing pesticides from the body. These clays (and activated charcoal) can also bind internal pesticides and toxins, making it easier for the body to eliminate them.

  • Adding saffron to our food can help reverse aluminum-induced symptoms. Saffron is neuroprotective and improves glutathione levels, as do Brazil nuts.
  • Cilantro and chlorella help detox mercury. 
  • Asparagus helps reduce pesticides.
  • Algin in seaweed helps absorb toxins from the digestive tract.

Incorporating these foods in your diet is a simple, effective way to start detoxifying your body and enhancing your health.


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