Vibrational Sound Therapy

Long before Masaru Emoto, became internationally known for his wonderful images showing the effect of consciousness and expression on frozen water crystals, a Frenchman named Fabien Maman photographed the effects of sound on human cells, both intracellular and energetic. Fabien, according to a Webster’s Dictionary citation, is the founding father of vibrational sound therapy. Quite an accolade! A musician, this man trained in classical music theory, mathematics, Chinese medicine, aikido, Kototama and astrology. He draws from all of these fields in his work, and founded a school of “Tama-Do,” which translates as the Way of the Soul, and is an academy focused on healing through sound, color, and movement. In his healing work, among other methods, he applies tuning forks and color to acupuncture points to effect the vibrancy of cells, organs, energy flows and centers in the body. For further information, see

Maman’s latest book, The Tao of Sound: Acoustic Sound Healing for the 21st Century, documents his work in detail, and is illustrated with beautiful color photographs showing the effect of acoustic sound on human cells. For any of you out there who still doubt the power of sound to transform health and consciousness, pick up a copy of this book!