Energy Medicine and the Liver

As with all physical structure, there is an energetic liver pattern around which the physical liver coalesces. You can remove adverse influences on the liver by purifying the environment in which the liver exists. You can treat the liver with physical medicine (such as the castor oil packs over the liver), You can provide the liver with nutrients necessary to its functions, and with dietary and botanical medicines which promote liver functions. And you can address the liver with energy medicine.

Machines such as those with mora frequencies can assess the energetic health of the liver, and the strength or weakness of energy flow lines supporting the liver. Acupuncture treatments can address congested points in these energy flow lines, strengthen weak energy flows, and tame turbulent flows. Hand healing can do the same, as can correctly prescribed homeopathic medicines.

Homeopathic drainage remedies are low potency combination remedies prepared through spagyric (plant alchemy) and homeopathic processing. These remedies are oriented toward various organ systems and processes, and provide extracellular energetic clearing, effectively tuning the organ. The ApoHepat remedy in the Pekana line is a favorite of ours for liver detoxification.

Another effective way to work with the energy pattern which forms the liver and promotes its function is to work through any system which directs vital energy to each of the body parts. Yogic healing techniques, medical chi kung, and Sri Yogananda’s energization exercises are examples of such systems.