October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

In addition to being newly designated as GMO Awareness Month, October continues to be Breast Cancer Awareness Month… a good time to once again look at the options for assessing breast health. Here at Pacific Naturopathic, we utilize breast thermography as a means both of evaluating the effect of estrogen on breast tissue, and of evaluating changes over time in blood vessel patterns and temperature differentials between the breasts. By looking at these physiologic changes, we can determine whether there is a process occurring in one of the breasts that was not previously occurring, or a condition in one breast that differs from the condition of the other breast. New blood vessels and higher temperatures can indicate anything from injury to inflammation to developing pathological changes. These issues can be addressed and treatment efficacy can be assessed with sequential comparative thermography.

See http://www.pacificnaturopathic.com/thermography_information.html for more information.

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we’re offering a YELP special for appointments booked for October or November. See YELP for the special announcement, and mention YELP when booking.