Come Enjoy the Many Moods of Hawaii’s Healing Waters

Splish-splash! Watery fun at a swimming hole on the Wailuku River (Hawaii’s longest river).

Misty drizzles and pounding rains are part of the daily tropical tapestry throughout the year in Hawaii (although the heaviest rains fall mainly at night).

Come morning, mists rise to meet the tropical sun and bless the land with rainbows.

Drs. Connie & Marcel relax in Hawaii.

Waterfalls, gushing rivers, pounding surf, and gentle waves offer abundant opportunity to connect with the water element in your life.

(Thalassotherapy – bathing in sea water – is a time-honored and most enjoyable therapy.)

At the Pacific Naturopathic Hawaii Big Island Retreat Center, you can devise your own water-based treatment protocols.

  • Our private mini spa invites you to give your immune system a happy does of support by alternating soaks in the hot tub with dips in the cold tub (or a splash under the cold shower).
  • For pure relaxation, enjoy the hot tub under the stars at night. Hawaii at its tropical, all-embracing Aloha best!
  • If you’re looking to detox, re-set, and support your immune and cardiovascular systems, you can surely make use of the infrared sauna.
  • For multiple health benefits, try dew walking on the grass in the early morning.

When you tune into Hawaii’s ever-present watery gifts, and the overall close-to-nature intimacy of life in Hawaii, you’ll realize untold benefits for your health and emotional and spiritual sense of well-being.

Check the calendar (below) for openings at the vacation rental View House.

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Contact us directly at Pacific Naturopathic (650-961-1660) if you’re interested in staying at our Hawaii retreat. Please email Dr. Marcel directly at with questions. 

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