Taking Charge of Our Health — the Naturopathic Way

Photo: Our grateful thanks to Li Hao on Unsplash!


by Connie Hernandez, ND

One of the greatest joys of our work is serving our many wonderful patients who come to us with a goal of optimizing their health, rather than simply waiting for disturbing symptoms to appear and dire prognoses to be uttered.

Self-Responsibility Is Key!

Dr. Connie Hernandez, ND

Your healthcare team can help you pinpoint a diagnosis and advising you of your treatment options. But YOU are ultimately responsible for your health.

Very few of us are our own best doctors. So it’s wise to take put together a health care team that you believe in, and with whom you can work cooperatively.

Choosing Preventive Medicine

“Preventive medicine” has always been the surest path to wellness.

Eating healthy, harmless foods, exercising regularly, and making vibrant lifestyle choices are proven measures to prevent disease.

  • We eat well to enhance our immunity.
  • We support our bodies with well-chosen supplements.
  • We find ways to stay active.
  • We connect with family and community.

Lab tests are a very helpful tool of preventive medicine.

Proper testing can help us understand where we stand, and where we might be at risk.

  • The Pacific Naturopathic Wellness Panel is an excellent place to start.
  • Epigenetic testing can help us understand which health factors to emphasize, in order to deflect any adverse programming in our genes.
  • Hormonal testing addresses issues of systemic balance.
  • Breast thermography offers a risk analysis for breast disease, and gives us a way to address breast issues before it’s too late.
  • Lipoprotein Particle Profiles assess cardiac risk.

Far better to address potential issues before they manifest, than wait till there’s real trouble.

Our thoughts and feelings also matter.

It’s amazing how many people with nonbacterial illnesses believe that only an antibiotic will cure them!

And the really strange thing is – these persons often respond beautifully to those antibiotics!

Our thoughts and feelings exert a powerful influence on our health and healing. But they can also do great damage.

There’s even a term for it. “Nocebo” is the effect of negative thinking on our physical health.

Negative thought forms are powerful programming, In the ancient Aramaic language, there’s a term avra kadavra (later adopted by stage magicians as “abracadabra!). It means “I create as I speak.” In other words – “As I think and feel, so I will be.”

Extrapolating from our past circumstance, we tell negative stories that, over time, become our reality. “I always have pain! I never sleep! Nobody can help me! There’s no drug I can tolerate!”

These self-statements lodge deep in our subconscious mind, where they become firm beliefs that will eventually prove true.

By recognizing our negative thoughts and feelings, we can take begin to responsibility for neutralizing them.

It’s helpful to step back and observe our self-defeating tendencies. We can cultivate a habit of deliberately stopping and being present in the moment, instead of reacting emotionally to past and present events with pessimistic thoughts that will create an negative future outcome.

In this way, we can choose to deprogram ourselves and replace our negative fears with positive affirmations that will heal us.

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