It is Sweet, Safe and Slow at Our “Old Hawaii” Vacation Retreat

Drs. Connie and Marcel’s Big Island Vacation Rental — Enjoy a Break from Mainland Energy

Hawaii is wonderful in Spring.

(Particularly this year!)

Businesses are opening all over.

The farmer’s markets are flourishing.

Though many folks are beginning to visit the Hawaiian Islands as a blissful respite from these chaotic times, the traffic is still leisurely and the beaches are more peaceful and healing than ever.

Whenever we arrive in the Islands, we always feel our energy relaxing with a deep, heartfelt sigh – the busy-busy vibes of the mainland are left behind, and we feel as if we’re being massaged by soft brown loving Lomi Lomi Big Island hands.

Drs. Connie & Marcel relax in Hawaii.

As antibody testing and COVID vaccines ramp-up, the bookings at our Pacific Naturopathic Retreat Center Vacation Rental are keeping pace.

Many folks today are continuing to take advantage of their ability to work from anywhere, thus they’re booking longer stays.

But we’re also seeing more short-term bookings. (And some of our guests are booking more than a year in advance.)


The legal requirements for a visit are constantly shifting. Presently, a visit to the Big Island of Hawaii requires a negative COVID test from an accepted lab within 72 hours of boarding your flight. (Your airline’s website will have complete information about Hawaii travel requirements.)

Welcoming flowers at our Hawaii Retreat.

A second rapid COVID test is administered upon arrival at the airport. This accomplished, the 10-day quarantine won’t be required and you’ll be free to roam the Island while observing the usual masking and social distancing protocols, just as you would on the mainland.

If you’re interested in a healing stay, you can contact us directly at Pacific Naturopathic (650-961-1660). If you have questions, please email Dr. Marcel:

If you’d like to see more photos, follow this link. Please Note, booking directly through us (not on the linked site) will save you a chunk on booking agent fees.


For information about the services we offer at Pacific Naturopathic, please give us a call at 650-961-1660, use the convenient Contact Form to get in touch, or follow the link to: Consultations – Pacific Naturopathic. Thank you!