Electromagnetic Radiation — Threats & Solutions?

Photo: Thanks to Mervyn Chan on Unsplash!

by Connie Hernandez, ND

I was surprised when a close friend somewhat scornfully cautioned us to beware of a one-sided perspective at a conference we planned to attend on the physiologic effects of non-ionizing electromagnetic frequencies (electrical, magnetic, dirty, and radio frequencies).

We were looking to understand a culturally disruptive story that is just beginning to enter the consciousness of a stubbornly skeptical and resistant mainstream.

The conference was held at the 1440 Multiversity, located in the deep redwoods of the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Dr. Connie Hernandez, ND
Dr. Connie Hernandez, ND

The attendees included international experts, writers and researchers, medical doctors, folks suffering from electro hypersensitivity, building biologists, and companies offering diagnostic meters and other testing and shielding devices.

Although Dr. Marcel and I have felt it’s wise to avoid placing our iPhones next to our bodies, and we’re genuinely concerned about smart meters and the forthcoming 5G networks, we were stunned by the depth and scope of the research, and by the widely divergent international guidelines and policies for protecting the public from the adverse affects of these non-ionizing radiation technologies.

There are literally thousands of studies from all over the world that detail the adverse effects of these radiation sources on human physiology.

  • Soviet and Eastern European researchers have studied and utilized this information for weaponry and healing since the 1960s.
  • The Swedish government recognized the diagnosis of “electro hypersensitivity” and has guaranteed an electrosmog-free work environment by the year 2020.
  • China and France have banned cell phones since 2010 in primary and middle schools.
  • In California, San Mateo High School now bans cell phone use at school.
  • Mill Valley, CA voted last year to block deployment of small cell 5G wireless towers in residential areas.
  • Japan has targeted the elimination of microwave ovens by the year 2020.

Electro hypersensitvity is no laughing matter. The known repercussions of bombardment by these frequencies include infertility, Alzheimer’s and other neurologic damage, autism, chronic fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, learning disabilities, and cancer.

The formation of reactive oxygen species and DNA damage are unifying threads. The case studies are horrifying and the remedies are intensive and expensive, but doable.

The conference speakers emphasized that all parts of the electromagnetic spectrum are biologically active, although much of the research is focused on microwave radiation and radio frequency waves, with some studies on dirty electricity, and some on ground current.

Little is known about the millimeter wavelengths that characterize the 5G networks. Nevertheless, we are all sensitive to all of these wavelengths, though some of us are minimally or moderately affected, while others suffer severely from hypersensitivity.

One speaker suggested that the hypersensitive folks are the canaries in the coal mine, warning us all of dangers of which we may not yet be aware.

We are living in an environment that is flooded with omnipresent frequencies that didn’t exist for most of human evolution. The fact that our human organisms are increasingly afflicted by cancers and complex systemic illnesses of body and mind is just one indication that something is awry.

It appears that we have yet to adapt to a swiftly changing vibrational environment. Manmade frequencies are being introduced into our environment without an understanding their short or long-term consequences.

Every one of these frequencies interacts with the physiology of each and every one of us in unique ways. The individual response is conditioned by such factors as our personal history of previous head trauma, emotional trauma, and exposure to molds or viruses.

Addressing the dangers will require a paradigm shift not only in medicine but in society generally. If we are adversely affected by our mobile phones, wi-fi routers, tablets, wireless wearables, baby monitors, monitored medical devices such as CPAP machines, hybrid cars, smart meters, and more – what should we do?

What would our world be like without these conveniences? How can we eradicate dangerous sources and/or shield ourselves against their effects, make intelligent personal and regulatory choices, restore our health, and live healthy and productive lives?

These were some of the questions brought forth at the conference. Down the rabbit hole we go!

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