New Hope for Failing Eyesight — “She Doesn’t Have to Go Blind!”

Photo: Prince Akachi on Unsplash.


Anandini Wadera, L.Ac.

As I’ve mentioned, I came upon Chinese Medical Ophthalmology because of my Grandma.

I was in school studying Chinese Medicine when Grandma was diagnosed with macular degeneration. And because we’re a close-knit family, Mom called and said, “Can Chinese Medicine do anything for macular degeneration?”

Anandini Ladera, L.Ac.

I hadn’t a clue. None of my teachers had broached the subject, despite the complex understanding of the eyes in Chinese Medicine.

It was only when I mentioned my grief over the thought of my grandmother losing her sight to a dear friend that she was able to turn the whole sad situation around.

“She doesn’t have to go blind!” she exclaimed.

“There’s an acupuncturist in Denmark who specializes in low-vision disorders and teaches others how to manage such cases. I’m going to Denmark soon – why don’t you come with me?”

So off we flew to the Boels Clinic in Copenhagen to learn about Chinese Medical Ophthalmology.

When my grandmother next visited us in California, I applied the protocol I had learned, and was able to restore some vision to her right eye. Grandma can now see through that eye, though with some blurriness, and she can read well while wearing her glasses. We continue to work on her eyes about once a year when she’s in town.

Since then, I’ve studied with Dr. Andy Rosenfarb, a U.S. leading authority on eye diseases, and I’ve been certified in Traditional Chinese Medicine Ophthalmology and Micro Acupuncture 48. 

I find these systems, which are different than the classical acupuncture systems used for women’s health (and for immune and cancer support and many other conditions) can successfully help manage dry eye syndrome, macular degeneration, and optic nerve impact (to name a few).

Based on the teachings of Drs. Rosenfarb and Boel, and the successes I’ve had in my own practice, it’s my belief that low-vision disorders require intensive treatment: twice a day, twice a week for 10-20 sessions, before re-evaluation. It sounds like a lot, but surely it’s worth the time if there’s a chance of regaining or saving our vision.

We tend to take our eyes for granted until our vision begins to fade. Yet we’re dependent on healthy sight to be able to enjoy a full life.

Here are two tips that I recommend to everyone to help protect the eyes:

  • Wear Gunnar glasses (or a knock-off brand).
  • Apply a blue light-blocking screen to your computer, or install lux software to protect your eyes from daily exposure to blue light.

Spending too much time at the computer screen reduces our normal blinking pattern from 22 times a minute to just 7 times per minute and thins our retinas, which can lead to dry eye syndrome, accompanied by serious eye irritation, retinal tears, and other serious chronic issues. Empower yourself to save your eyesight – be proactive about your vision!

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