Times of Crisis = Times of Opportunity?

Years ago, a beloved San Francisco Jungian psychologist and peace activist, Katherine Whiteside Taylor, introduced me to the very intriguing idea that “times of crisis are times of dangerous opportunity.”

We’re in a time of crisis right now, in nearly every aspect of global affairs – including but absolutely not limited to environmental, societal, political, medical, and individual issues.

The crises hardly need elaborating – they are all around us.

Dr. Connie Hernandez, ND

This morning’s news reported torrential rains, flooding, volcanic eruptions, ferocious forest fires, earthquakes, and other forms of environmental destruction.

We’re witnessing the dismantling of rational government, accompanied by societal unrest, unprecedented homelessness, and angry and mentally unstable individuals wreaking heartbreaking havoc on a daily basis. Add the skyrocketing cost of inadequate medical care, and an epidemic of anxiety, depression and hopelessness.

The danger is that the immediacy of the crises may overwhelm the creativity from which inspiration and re-imagining are born.

Einstein famously reminded us that our problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them.

And therein lies the opportunity.

I’m participating in an important new movement that I believe holds the answer for the challenges we’re facing today.

The “Be the Change” movement is a portal for many people to join together in stilling the negative, reactive emotions of their individual hearts and make room for creative inspiration.

“Be the Change is an important first step toward changing the world by attuning ourselves to a higher level of awareness.

To learn about the upcoming day-long “Be the Change” festival here in Palo Alto, follow the link to www.yoganandafest.com. (If the idea of thousands of people raising their consciousness as a way to bring peace and harmony to the world, you can also visit www.meditationpledge.com.)

A recent study found that serotonin levels rose in people who lived IN PROXIMITY to a room where experienced meditators were sitting in deep practice. It’s an amazing reminder of how a subtle change in our consciousness will impact those around us. A look at history tells us that real social changes always begin with a handful of individuals who’ve commit to changing their consciousness.

At Pacific Naturopathic, we’re deeply aware of the crises facing many of our patients. The crises take the forms of challenges to their health, their families, and financial difficulties of a magnitudes previously unknown.

On a personal level, Dr. Marcel and I lately found ourselves under siege by an army of microscopic black mold spores that drove us from our comfortable apartment. For weeks, we’ve been leading a nomadic existence, moving between temporary quarters.

Lately, our return has been delayed by the requirement to decontaminate the apartment, a costly process accompanied by spectacular destruction and chaos – and then by city ordinances that required updating the outdated electrical wiring in our apartment before any restorations could occur.

The plus side is that the total disruption of our lives gave us an opportunity to detach ourselves from material possessions, and de-clutter our lives by downsizing and appreciating the support of our wonderful friends, patients, and spiritual community.

Black mold was the first of the lessons the fates had in store for us. After giving notice that we’d be leaving our present offices, the lease on a new office fell through, owing to a demand that WE pay the cost of replacing the outdated electrical systems.

So we’ve spent the merry month of May re-imagining our lives.

Oddly enough, we lost little sleep during the mini-marathon of almost-comic disasters. Rather, they brought a pleasant increase of meditation time, and a valuable examination of our priorities.

Should we retire? Should we transition to a less challenging lifestyle? Or, by the grace of God, would we find an affordable space in the insanely inflated Silicon Valley real estate marketplace?

We’re happy to report that we’ve found a very nice space, very near to our present office, and that Pacific Naturopathic will be able to move forward with our practice intact – see the news item below.

Read more about the medical services Dr. Connie offers here: http://www.naturopathichealthconsultations.com


Starting Tuesday, May 29, Pacific Naturopathic will be in new offices at 1580 W. El Camino Real, Suite 7, Mountain View! (New phone: 650-961-1660.)

We’ve loved being in our present location, but we’re feeling it’s time to push change and offer the next level of service.

One of the main reasons for the move is that our present building is closed on Saturdays. Many of our patients have asked for Saturday appointments. So, starting Saturday, July 7, we’ll offer Saturday morning hours for I.V. therapy with Dr. Marcel and consultations with Dr. Connie.

To celebrate our first Saturday opening, we’ll host a Myers Cocktail Happy Hour from 8-10 a.m., serving “cocktails” at a discounted price of $125. Note: this will be for established patients only. No appointment needed – first come, first served. New patients will need to schedule a 30-minute intake before they can join the fun.