The Healing Benefits of Vitamin C Infusion Therapy

fruits-563384_640As one of the first naturopathic practices in the San Francisco Bay Area to offer intravenous vitamin C infusions, we’ve witnessed how these highly effective, safe treatments have helped thousands of our patients over the years.

Taken orally, vitamin C is known to be a powerful antioxidant. When given intravenously, its effect is slightly altered – it can work as both an antioxidant and a pro-oxidant, depending on how it is combined with other ingredients, and the dosage given.

Marcel Hernandez, ND, of Pacific Naturopathic in Mountain View, California
Dr. Marcel Hernandez, ND

As a pro-oxidant administered intravenously in high-dose form and mixed with magnesium, calcium, and potassium, it can serve as a supportive therapy for patients with cancer who are undergoing traditional medical therapy, since vitamin C is known to break down cancer cells.

Given intravenously together with other vitamins and minerals, vitamin C’s antioxidant action can strengthen the immune system’s defenses against infection, speed wound healing, reduce allergy symptoms, and offer protection against a wide range of diseases. As an antioxidant, vitamin C also decreases oxidative stress to the endothelium, the cells that line the interior surface of blood vessels and lymphatic vessels, by reducing the production of free radicals.

Vitamin C is known to help the body heal itself, and has even proven effective for treating life-threatening infections, including sepsis.

At this point you may be wondering – why should I receive vitamin C intravenously instead of simply taking it in pill form, if the antioxidant effects are the same?

As wonderful and helpful as oral vitamin C is, the body can only absorb roughly 500 milligrams in a single dose. That’s because vitamin C works as a laxative, thus anything over about 500 mg will be flushed from the system.

When given intravenously, we can safely administer larger doses to increase the effective serum levels without causing GI distress. This makes intravenous vitamin C infusion a very valuable therapy for treating infections, inflammatory conditions, and a large number of other medical issues.

iv_therapy3Intravenous vitamin C therapy is a safe, cheap, simple approach for treating a wide spectrum of illnesses. There’s a great deal of recent research on intravenous vitamin C’s effectiveness for treating cancer and sepsis. An ever-expanding body of studies is confirming its effectiveness for patients recovering from open-heart surgery, patients with traumatic closed head injuries, and patients recovering from cardiac arrest.

Research proposals have been submitted for examining intravenous vitamin C’s effectiveness for patients recovering from stem cell transplant surgery, who typically have a high incidence of organ injury.

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