When the Body Heals “Miraculously”

by Dr. Connie Hernandez, ND

A woman came to me with awful diarrhea of six months’ duration. She had consulted her primary care practitioner and several gastroenterologists, to no avail.

Dr. Connie Hernandez, ND
Dr. Connie Hernandez

As we talked, she revealed that the diarrhea started when she implemented a supplement regime high in magnesium. When magnesium isn’t absorbed properly, diarrhea is the usual result. When she stopped taking the magnesium, the problem vanished.

The patient felt that it was a healing miracle, but to me it was simply the expected result. We expect well-indicated remedies in proper dosages to work for conditions that are accurately diagnosed.

We had a young patient who got over his shingles after just one week of high-dose intravenous supplementation with vitamin C. (Shingles often lingers for months).

With intravenous C, cancer markers may also plummet, both in colon cancer and prostate cancer patients, when conventional treatments are ineffective. We’ve seen people survive with good quality of life long after the demise date predicted by their oncologist.

Again, these are miracles to our patients, but while we are certainly thrilled with the results, they are not miracles to us.

Another category of cures that we might consider miraculous are those achieved through energy medicine. These might be cures accomplished, for example, by homeopathy, flower essences, or the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).

A young woman whose menstrual cycles suddenly stopped received no help from her gynecologist. Upon questioning, I learned that, at the time her cycles vanished, she had recalled and was processing childhood sexual abuse.

Stopping her period might have seemed a good subconscious solution at the time, but it clearly wasn’t the best answer for the longer term. After two sessions of EFT, her period returned.

lotusA severely disabled woman came to us with a multitude of complaints. She had literally been to every doc in town, and had unsuccessfully tried many well-indicated remedies.

In one of those wonderful intuitive flashes, a flower essence formula suggested itself to my mind. When she returned the next week, she was unrecognizable, and had no complaints.

We’ve seen many seemingly miraculous experiences with homeopathy, and still more experiences with those “black-box” therapies that address the body’s energy-flow.

These cures work by the scientific principle of vibratory resonance. The cures only seem miraculous because of our lack of understanding of how energy works in the body.

People dub events to be miraculous when they have no precedent or rational explanation for them, or when they’ve been led to believe that there is no solution – and then the solution is suddenly found.

A person may have been treated on the basis of an inaccurate diagnosis, or given the wrong medications for their condition. When the cause becomes clear, and the patient is treated appropriately, the “miracle” occurs.

I don’t want, at all, to deny the existence of actual miracles of healing, which unquestionably occur; but as I believe these examples show, we don’t always need to resort to miraculous explanations for the wonderful healings that alternative therapies can provide.

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