Understanding Healing Miracles (How Did Jesus Do It?)

by Marcel Hernandez, ND

Dr. Connie and I recently returned from three weeks in Spain and Southern France. In an email travelogue to friends and family, I said that the highlights of the trip were our visits to Lourdes and the towns where St. Teresa of Avila lived. 

I grew up Roman Catholic. Every kid in Catholic school learns about Lourdes and what happened there in the mid-1800s. We also learned about the miracles that have occurred after people bathed in the waters of the grotto.

expect-miraclesIf you are hazy on the details about Lourdes, search Netflix for “Song of Bernadette.” The movie gives an accurate portrayal, and it’s inspiring. Our son Gabriel loved the movie, and my sisters and I loved it when we were kids.

An early morning dip in the icy water of the Grotto of Lourdes opened the floodgates of my tears. The flood of devotional feelings, magnified by the devotion of the other pilgrims, carried me back to a kind of cellular remembrance of the purity of my youthful, unquestioning acceptance of miracles.

The miracles of Jesus especially moved me. How could he raise Lazarus from the dead? Turn water into wine? Multiply loaves and fishes?

I remember a depiction of Christ with energy streaming out of his hands. Was that the cause? And where did this amazing energy come from?

As a kid, I was taught that there were things we humans couldn’t comprehend and had to accept on faith.

As an adult, I still accept things on faith – but it’s a faith tempered by understanding, and forged from my own direct experience.

I now understand that miracles happen when two elements are present in a pure and perfect form: attunement and intention. 

The true magnificence in humans happens when we are in attunement with something greater than ourselves – a source of energy and inspiration that we allow to flow through us. I think of us humans as radios – we are like vessels through which the Divine can transmit, if we remember to raise our antennas.

On the spiritual path, our focus is on developing our ability to receive the energies of God.

Think of intention as a kind of prayer – but a prayer that is powerful, and that invites healing energies to flow through our “receiver” without interference, static, expectations, ego, or personal desires. Detachment – freedom from expectations – that God’s will be done, not ours.

We are not the cause of healing. We are the medium through which the healing can occur. Our job is to prepare the instrument.

Jesus’s miracles were acts of attunement with the Father, with a perfectly pure intention that the Father’s will alone be done. As the energy flowed through him, the laws of physics (as we understand them) were suspended, and the molecules of matter rearranged themselves in the body or mind of the sufferer to conform to the pure intention of the moment.

This rather practical, energy-based view is perfectly in alignment with the idea of faith – if we think of the innocent faith that I had as a child, and the tempered, more probing and thoughtful faith that I have as an adult.

Miracles, with their sense of magic and mystery, are simply the result of pure, uncensored alignment with basic principles of the universe and all creation.

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