Boost Your Immunity the Way Nature Intended

Nature’s apothecary offers us a rich trove of remedies that boost our immune system defenses.
Nature’s apothecary offers us a rich trove of remedies that boost our immune system defenses.

By Elijah Free, MH, CMI, CMT

For most of the diseases that have plagued humanity throughout the ages, Nature herself long ago created remedies that are effective and non-harmful.

If there isn’t currently a remedy for a health condition, it doesn’t mean that the remedy doesn’t exist. It merely means that it hasn’t yet been discovered.

Elijah Free practices transformational healing modalities at Pacific Naturopathic in Mountain View, CA
Elijah Free practices transformational healing at Pacific Naturopathic in Mountain View, CA

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s a single herb somewhere in the world that’s just waiting to be discovered –the answer may require a complex combination of herbs that Nature has designed to conquer the specific illness or health disturbance.

Nature can offer us several approaches to the all-important task of healing ourselves. By making wise choices, we can enlist Nature’s herbs to heal ourselves by repairing and enhancing our body’s natural immune defenses against illness.

The first of Nature’s three-pronged approaches to dealing with disease in the body is a very old, time-tested traditional system called Tonic Herbology.

Tonic Herbology is an ancient system of methods for revitalizing the body when it is weakened by illness. Tonic Herbology feeds the cells with a high concentration of specific nutrients that promote changes in the cells that help the body start to heal again.

When the body is ill, particularly if it has been ill for a very long time, it becomes depleted of the very elements it needs to begin to heal again.

Tonic Herbology incorporates the finest traditions of healers from many lands, including the practices of the Native American “medicine men.”

Some very fine tonic herbs that we know of from the lore of Tonic Herbology are: barberry root, gentian root, golden seal root, myrrh gum, black walnut leaf and hull, and many others.

Next is a category of herbs known as adaptogens or adaptogenic herbs. Adaptogenic herbs help the body overcome the stress of healing.

When we are ill for an extended time, the body may be too weakened and deprived of essential elements to heal itself. Adaptogens help the weakened system to recover from the stress of the illness.

Adaptogenic herbs are most commonly known in Eastern herbology, but they’ve become widely used in Western herbology in recent decades.

Some well-known adaptogenic herbs are: rhodiola root, astragalus root, red rishi mushroom, dong qui, ashwaganda root, fo-ti, gotu kola, and others.

Finally, Nature’s third approach to healing consists of complex formulas that employ a mix of herbs that are tonic and adaptogenic in their effects. This complex approach boosts the immune system response on a number of physical levels. The herbal mixtures may include herbs that duplicate their effects, to ensure that the immune issue is being addressed in a sufficiently powerful manner.

My latest herbal immune system formula, Immunagen, is one of a new generation of herbal formulas that can help keep the immune system healthy and operating at peak power. 

A client of mine recently told me that since she began taking Immunagen, she has not gotten sick with a winter cold or flu for the first time in many years. My client is a school teacher and subject to all of the “bugs” that get so easily passed around in school during the cold and flu season. But she reports that this year she didn’t get even a sniffle.

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