GMO Awareness Week/Month

GMO refers to genetically modified organisms, and groups including the Organic Consumers Association and have partnered with others to bring awareness of the issue of genetic modification to the public. Monsanto is the big player in the GMO field, modifying corn and sweetcorn, sugar beets, alfalfa, canola, soy, papaya and more.

Go to for information on the impact of genetically modified organisms on animal and human health and disease, both short term and longterm. The evidence on the harm we are doing to ourselves and to the environment when we consume these foods is chilling. Animal studies show side effects to be unpredictable and longlasting. There are no safety studies for human beings.

In Europe, genetically modified foods and ingredients have to be labeled. In the United States, current labeling practice does not adequately inform consumers as to whether or not the product they are purchasing is GMO free. This means that gene spliced viruses, antibiotic resistant marker genes, foreign DNA, and more can be present in your food without your knowledge. If this concerns you, go to this link to sign a petition to President Obama to require mandatory labeling of GMO foods. Or go to this link to follow a consumer movement in California to force mandatory labeling in California by placing in on the ballot with Proposition 65.

For a nationwide calendar of events informing the public about GMO foods, go to this link.

And, lastly, for more on what you yourself can do, check out the following link.

Together we can change our world for the better!

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