Is Cancer News Important? — and How we Support Our Cancer Patients

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by Connie Hernandez, ND

Is cancer news important?

Our last monthly newsletter, which shared news of recent cancer research developments and how we practice adjunctive cancer care at Pacific Naturopathic had the highest open rate of all our many years of newsletters – 55 percent!

We normally have a 50 percent open rate. The national average open rate for newsletters is 15 percent. We also know that many of our newsletters go directly to the subscriber’s span box and are thus never read.

Why are so many people interested in cancer news?

For one thing, cancer risk has reached epidemic levels. Between 2015 and 2020 the world cancer rate increased by 57 percent. A greater number of young people are contracting cancer than ever before. Most of us have someone close to us who have been touched by cancer.

What’s going on? What’s fueling the epidemic? We can point to lots of causative factors, including:

  • Processed foods
  • Electromagnetic fields (EMFs)
  • Toxic chemicals everywhere – over 100,000 that have not been tested for safety)
  • Genetic damage
  • Foods that are bereft of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes due to agribusiness practices
  • High levels of stress.

Your Adjunctive Cancer Care Options at Pacific Naturopathic

The most effective cancer treatment is multi-dimensional. At Pacific Naturopathic, we offer an array of diagnostic approaches and adjunctive treatments.

Dr. Connie Hernandez, ND

First-time patients, particularly those with estrogen-related cancers such as breast, uterine, or colon cancer or malignant melanoma, will first see Dr. Connie, who will assesses basic bodily functions with the help of the Pacific Naturopathic Wellness Panel. She will also assess any issues in hormonal metabolism with a comprehensive urine test.

Evaluation of the intestinal microbiome may also be considered. And dietary, lifestyle, and emotional and spiritual well-being will be assessed.

If a patient is scheduled for surgery or radiation, we will help them select protocols to help reduce the side-effects and optimize the efficacy of the treatment.

If a patient is on a conventional treatment protocol, Dr. Connie will help the patient understand which nutrients or botanicals may be indicated or contra-indicated as adjunctive support for their medical treatment.

Dr. Connie can also suggest general naturopathic medical factors that may help with issues that commonly occur during cancer, such as digestive upset, insomnia, anxiety, etc.

Patients who have been treated for breast cancer will often opt for thermographic analysis in addition to conventional testing, and Dr. Connie will evaluate the results.

After visiting with Dr. Connie, you will most likely be referred to Dr. Marcel or Dr. Cox. Dr. Marcel specializes in cancer treatment, particularly prostate cancer, although he sees patients with all types of cancer.

Dr. Marcel’s new book, Prostate Cancer: An Comprehensive Integrative Guide, is now available on Amazon.

Dr. Marcel focuses on IV treatments, typically beginning with the extremely well-researched intravenous vitamin C protocols for cancer which are tailored to individual needs as cancer patients move through their treatment programs.

In addition to intravenous vitamin C, Dr. Marcel may suggest injectable mistletoe. He is also currently assessing the value of salicinium in the treatment of cancer, and has provided salicinium to a number of patients. We are waiting for the results to confirm the benefits that have been realized in research studies.

Other IV treatments for cancer patients may include therapies for issues that frequently arise during conventional treatment – for example, various IVs are designed to treat neuropathies, fatigue, and/or malnutrition.

We monitor our cancer patients with cancer antigens, comprehensive metabolic profiles, CBCs, and other relevant lab values.

Although Dr. Cox uses the same types of IVs in his treatment protocols as Dr. Marcel, he additionally specializes in intravenous ozone treatment for cancer.

This treatment is supported by research that indicates many cancers develop in response to particular viruses. The ozone treatments are antiviral, and the body’s response can be measured by pre and post viral testing.

As we relocate to a larger space (coming soon!!!), Dr. Cox hopes to expand our offering of detoxification protocols for all our Pacific Naturopathic patients.

Like Dr. Connie, Dr. Krystal Shelmire offers general naturopathic medicine and can provide adjunctive homeopathic treatment for cancer patients.

Dr. Krystal Shelmire, ND

Dr. Shelmire particularly specializes in pediatric care and has found that homeopathic care is well-tolerated and beneficial for children. She is also currently training as our new thermography technician, as Marina has found a position in her primary area of interest.

When emotional issues are at the forefront, we refer our patients to Jane Hernandez who is currently offering video consults from her new home in Sonoma. Jane is a specialist in Emotional Freedom Technique and hypnotherapy, treatments that can be helpful with addressing underlying energetic imbalances and restoring the body’s healthy response.

Anandini Ladera, Lac

Last but not least, acupuncture is an adjunctive choice that we are able to offer cancer patients through our associate Anandini Wadera who has long experience in women’s health issues and with supporting cancer patients.

For information about the services we offer, we invite you to get in touch in any of these convenient ways: (1) give us a call at 650-961-1660, (2) use the Contact Form, or (3) follow the link to Consultations – Pacific Naturopathic. Thank you!