Profound Effect of Ozone/UV on Viruses and Cancer

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by Dr. Brian Cox, ND

People often ask me: “Can UVO3 (Ozone/UV) REALLY help cancer patients?

The next question is frequently: “Exactly HOW does it help?”

There’s no better time to try to answer these questions than the present. However, fair warning, the “how” involves a little basic biology, but I’ll try to keep it simple.

In a previous article, I explained my approach to using O3UV to help the body deal with high viral loads from hidden viruses such as Epstein-Barr Virus. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have shown Epstein-Barr to be linked to many cancers and cancer symptoms.

Some basic facts about most cancer cells versus normal cells.

It’s well known that cancer cells grow rapidly. Thus, most cancer cells require lots of glucose (and no oxygen) to grow and reproduce. In fact, most cancer cells hate oxygen and purposely create a perfect oxygen-free environment to grow in and reproduce. They achieve this by leaking a chemical in and around the cancerous cell: the Hyperbolic Ischemic Factor (HIF). When HIF gets into the surrounding normal (non-cancer) cells, it creates a low-oxygen environment that facilitates cancer growth into the healthy tissues.

There are other important characteristics of cancer cells related to Ozone/UV. In addition to being super-hungry and hating oxygen, cancer cells thrive in an acidic environment inside and outside the cell, and they favor cellular environments where there is low production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP, a primary cellular fuel). ATP is part of the body’s normal energy production system, and it causes cell death (apoptosis) in cancer cells.

Before explaining how Ozone/UV therapy can help, we should look at an important aspect of how cells become cancerous in the first place.

Cells have many small engines called mitochondria that produce energy for the cell to live and do its work. When the mitochondria are functioning efficiently and at full capacity, it is almost impossible for a cell to become cancerous or malfunction.

In fact, malfunctioning mitochondria are the first manifestation of a chronic illness. Normally functioning mitochondria can produce 18 times as much ATP as cancerous cells can, per glucose molecule. This makes it much easier for cell death to occur in cancer cells.

The O3UV Effect

In a therapy known as Autohemotherapy, medical-grade ozone gas is injected into blood drawn from a patient. The ozone is allowed to mix with the blood for a time and is then intravenously infused back into the patient.

Autohemotherapy with ozone/UV can hyper-oxygenate tissue both inside and outside the cells, infusing them with energized oxygen molecules.

Earlier, I mentioned that cancer cells hate oxygen and do not thrive well in an environment where oxygen is abundant. When the normal cells adjacent to cancer cells get into a hyper-oxygenated state, they build a strong resistance to being affected by the HIF chemical that cancer cells use to spread.

This therapeutic effect may increase, in proportion to the number of treatments you receive in a fixed, short window time.

O3UV has an even more important effect on the cells’ mitochondria powerhouses.  Ozone has been used for many years in the industrial treatment of water and the preservation of food, due to its ability to help manage the damage caused by lactic and other acids.

These industries have learned to use ozone to turn a potentially toxic chemical (ozone) into a highly useful antimicrobial. And the same effect occurs in your body with O3UV.

The combination of ozonated blood that has been passed through UV light not only disinfects the blood with its antimicrobial effect; it also excites the cells and molecules to carry and spread the therapeutic message throughout the body.

With Ozone/UV treatment, the mitochondria have been shown to be rinsed of lactic acid and other inflammatory factors that inhibit their normal, healthy processes.

The simple stimulation of the mitochondria to work better has been shown to help the immune function more efficiently and activate inactive mitochondria. This is important, because organs such the heart and kidneys that require a high number of functioning mitochondria in their cells will function more efficiently.

Receiving O3UV treatment immediately before other therapies such as intravenous Vitamin C infusion can enhance the effectiveness of those therapies, because the body is in a state of heightened functioning.

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