Life Changes — the All-Important Middle Step

Have you ever found yourself in the midst of a major life change and wondered, “How did I end up here? This isn’t what I hoped for!”

Elaine Kahn
Elaine Kahn

When people find themselves stuck in a life situation that isn’t working for them, they very often make the mistake of wanting to jump straight to a solution.

While the urge to change is admirable and wonderful, looking for a too-rapid transformation can mean that you miss some important steps and find yourself right back where you started.

When it’s time for a life change, the most important step comes in the middle, after we’ve identified the problem, and before we set out to implement a positive solution. People make a mistake when they eagerly skip over this important middle step.

At the moment we realize we’re ready for a personal transformation, it’s important to take stock of what our inner voice and our longings, dreams, and values are telling us, before we set out to shed the old way and aspire to a new life direction.

One of my clients lost her business. It was a traumatic event that left her feeling suddenly empty, as if she’d lost an important part of her identity.

She dreaded waking up in the morning, because it meant staring at an empty calendar that had formerly been filled with her busy life. At our first session, she told me she wanted to figure out a way to get busy and feel productive as quickly as possible.

I encouraged her to slow down and take time to go inside and reflect on what truly brought her joy, and what new possibilities evoked a feeling of excitement.

By working together with energy healing methods, we helped her release the anger, regrets, and trauma that were holding her back. Freed from doubts and fears, she was empowered to recognize her strengths and welcome new opportunities with confidence.

We worked to iron out some practical steps that would help strengthen her vision and redirect her life with courage and a firm intention.

What skills would she need to take advantage of her new opportunities? What kind of support system would she need to help her get there? How could she test the waters and validate her ideas?

By asking these questions with sensitivity and intuition, I helped her find her way through the forest of choices before her, some of which she hadn’t even been aware of.

In this way, I help my clients make the right decisions, starting from a state of empowerment, rather than a place of fear.

When we lose the old, familiar foundations of our life, we may feel broken, as if suddenly nothing is working. We may begin to find fault with ourselves and our circumstances – a thought pattern that can leave us feeling dangerously helpless, resentful, and stuck.

This is where I can help as an experienced life coach and energy healer. Instead of dwelling on what you’ve lost, and becoming mired in endless fears and uncertainty, and feeling unclear about what to do next, I can help you clarify your dreams and develop a realistic plan for achieving them – a plan that will synchronize with your own nature.

As a coach and healer, I offer my clients my unconditional support as they set out toward a new life and self-identity. Going on an inner journey is a VERY important first step, at the times when our lives are thrown into transformation.

Taking time for this important inner work is a crucial first step to ensure that when we finally commit to realizing our dream, it will be what we truly want, and we will have the full capacity to make the dream come true.

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About Elaine

Elaine Kahn is a Certified Holistic Practitioner and Professional Coach. Her practice combines deep experience in Mind-Body Therapy, Health & Wellness Coaching, Professional Coaching, and Business Leadership to create a holistic plan for addressing your special health and life challenges.

Through the years, Elaine has partnered successfully with many clients in the areas of Major Life and Career Transitions, Clarity of Life Purpose, Stress and Anxiety, and Chronic Illness.

Transformation is possible for everyone. From your initial consultation, Elaine will be firmly by your side as you work together to achieve the results you desire. Elaine’s counseling and support are always customized to her clients’ individual needs. Let Elaine help you bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

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