How Does Healing Happen?

How Does Healing Happen?

When I was in medical school, we had a class called “Physician, Heal Thyself!”

I remember how the instructor challenged us, one day, to define the nature of healing.

Dr. Connie Hernandez, ND
Dr. Connie Hernandez, ND

“How does healing occurs?” he demanded.

We took turns, giving perfectly reasonable answers – hm, healing starts with the correct diagnosis. Hm, healing requires adequate dosing with appropriate medicines. Hm, healing depends on proper application of medical technique.

When it was my turn, I said that healing occurs through the energies of light and love.

I confess I was somewhat stunned when the instructor didn’t consider this a valid answer.

Our professors were intent on showing us how to make accurate medical diagnoses, and how to choose appropriate treatments. They were less intent on examining the subtle mechanisms by which healing actually occurs.

And yet – reliance on nature’s own healing power is fundamental to naturopathic medicine.

And what, exactly, is that healing power, which is present in every body? Isn’t it ultimately the divine energy that continually flows throughout all creation?

And what qualities characterize that energy, if not light, love, wisdom, and joy?

How can healing NOT occur, if we can find a way to remove any blockages that may be preventing a flow of that divine healing energy? And how can healing not occur if we can strengthen and direct its flow by attuning ourselves to the divine healing source?

Certain medicines are able to treat a physical symptom very effectively – and then, of course, it appears that the medicine has effected the healing.

But energy is always the deep source of all healing.

Energy is fundamental. Physical healing is the end result; energy is the means.

Love healsThese are just a few of the many lessons we’ve begun to learn at the start of a great new age of energy-awareness, which the world entered at the turn of the 20th century. It was marked by the new discoveries in physics that matter is composed of energy. And it marked a clear turn away from science that was based on solid matter, to a new science that is based on the study and applications of energy.

A healer may employ any number of physical modalities, including all manner of pills and potions. Those treatments may be very effective in the hands of a competent healer, but they can be the vehicle for miracles in the hands of a healer who is divinely inspired.

The healer who produces miracles does so by helping to heal the underlying energetic imbalances that are causing the patient’s illness and suffering.

Those imbalances may be localized in the mind, the emotions, the soul, or the physical body. They may be born of distrubances on subtle energetic levels.

Dr. Connie Hernandez, ND, of Pacific Naturopathic in Mt. View, CA
Dr. Connie admires a garden during a neighborhood walk.

Energy medicines such as homeopathy, flower essences, and acupuncture are effective because they work their magic on the deepest causative levels.  On those levels, prayer, affirmation, meditation, and other spiritual healings can be very valid and effective healing methods.

A Spirit-attuned healer can use his intuition and experience to help his patients become aligned with the healing attributes of a higher light, love, wisdom, and joy. Thus attuned to these divine attributes, healing is certain to occur.

Not a few patients who’ve suffered from dreaded diseases such as cancer have spoken of the healing that they experienced through the disease. The cancer may or may not have been eliminated, but they considered themselves to have been inwardly healed in profound ways.

As difficult and unwished-for as the journey may have been, the cancer came as a gift in disguise, teaching them priceless lessons that brought love and joy into their lives.

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