The Root Cause of Complex Chronic Disease

Photo: Our grateful thanks to Hassan Ouajbir on Unsplash!

by Connie Hernandez, ND

Is it only our imagination, or is the number of known diseases expanding greatly?

Let me lay your doubts at rest. Today we are, in fact, being presented with a bewildering and growing variety of complex chronic diseases.

These diseases are difficult to diagnose with standard laboratory testing. In the face of the increasingly difficulty of diagnosis, medical professionals may, in the worst case, simply throw up their hands and inform the patient that the disease is all in their head and that psychiatric treatment is advised.

The poor patient feels insulted and blamed. While it’s true that our attitude plays a huge role in our perception of disease and may manifest as symptoms, at the same time, a misdiagnosis isn’t going to make us better. Regardless of the source of a disease, the physical repercussions will have to be addressed.

Many complex disease syndromes now share similar causes and symptoms – which naturally makes diagnosing them all the more difficult.

Among the diseases that can present in similar ways are: mold toxicity, electromagnetic sensitivity, long Covid, other viral etiologies, and Lyme Disease.

Dr. Connie Hernandez, ND

For each of these ailments, identifying and addressing the root cause is the necessary first step.

For many people, exposure to molds, including black mold, can cause nausea, light-headedness, confusion, or digestive symptoms. A percentage of the population have a gene that inhibits the body’s healing response to the mold and can cause disastrous long-term symptoms.

For people who are simply sensitive, a sufficient treatment can be to find and address the source of the exposure and remove themselves from the it.

For others, drastic measures may be needed. These people will need to leave their infested home before they can have a ray of hope of finding an effective treatment.

Similar with electromagnetic sensitivity. For some folks, the sensitivity is an inconvenience. For others, using kill switches in their apartments, hard-wiring their computers, treating walls with EMF-blocking paints (EMF: electromagnetic frequencies), and even sleeping in a Faraday cage may the drastic but essential steps.

Protecting ourselves from EMFs in our present technological world has become virtually impossible, as we are bombarded by these frequencies. Some will choose to return to a more natural lifestyle, moving to an area where wi-fi and 5G networks aren’t yet the norm.

When Lyme disease becomes chronic, the time has passed for the relatively simple and immediate treatment of the acute condition. This also applies to long Covid. Nipping Lyme Disease or Covid in the bud is one step toward avoiding long-term consequences, but vulnerable people won’t be able to avoid them as easily.

The problem, then, is to discover the source of the vulnerability, treat what we can, and address the root condition.

One of our key emphases as naturopathic physicians is on prevention. Often, we can discover underlying issues with lab work and our Wellness Panel. In addition to diagnosing disease, the panel is designed to assess any underlying issues as a step toward optimizing overall wellness and preventing disease.

We may also be able to understand and address the underlying issues by evaluating dietary and lifestyle factors, and sometimes by genetic evaluation.

Examples of lifestyle issues include toxicity, lack of movement, inefficient breathing, and emotional distress.

Some of the typical concerns we find in chronic disease are hormonal and vagal nerve imbalance, other neurologic issues, and mitochondrial dysfunction.

As we continue to explore the factors that tie these issues together, we increasingly delve into the realm of energy and the many factors that can its natural and healthy flow.

Increasingly, we are resorting to energy-based technologies that can help in the prevention and treatment of neurologic conditions and other energy-related conditions: electromagnetic stimulation, including pulsed electromagnetic frequencies (PEMF); and simple devices like TENS units, light therapies, infrared lights, and sound therapies.

As we deepen our understanding of humans as energetic beings living in a world of energy, we are finding that health and disease originate express an underlying balance or imbalance or inhibition of energy. Matter is merely an expression of energy, and the future of medicine will be all about energy.

This is not a new idea. Since ancient times, sages and seers have told us that all of the energy in this physical cosmos, including the energy in our body, feelings, and mind, derives from a divine energy that flows through and sustains all nature, and that we can tap that energy as a great source of healing. In this view of creation, attuning ourselves to the balanced harmonies of the Divine, in which no energetic imperfections can exist, is the ultimate healing therapy.

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