Health and Success Start With Consciousness

Classroom scene, Living Wisdom School of Palo Alto, California.


by Connie Hernandez, ND

Many ancient scriptures, including the Bhagavad Gita, speak of three planes of existence:

There exists, however, Another – the supreme Self who, permeating the three worlds (the causal, astral, and physical planes), is their Sustainer. (Bhagavad Gita, 15:17)

Other ancient texts speak of a 24,000-year cycle of time through which the earth passes, over and over.

These texts tell us that our world has recently emerged from an age in which matter was generally considered the fundamental reality of creation, into a dawning age of energy-awareness.

The earth is said to have entered the energy age (Dwapara Yuga) around 1900, shortly before Albert Einstein announced his general theory of relativity. Einstein proposed, among many other things, that energy is the underlying reality of matter. He said, “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”

All of the significant inventions of the last century have been based on the new energy-awareness, from the first radios and telephones to today’s smart phones that enable us to carry jaw-dropping computing power in a pocket or purse. This year’s iPhone 14 Pro has nearly 16 billion transistors and can perform 17 trillion operations per second.

To learn more about the concept of world ages, we can recommend this entertaining book by Joseph Selbie and David Steinmetz: The Yugas: Keys to Understanding Our Hidden Past, Emerging Energy Age, and Enlightened Future.

The ancient scriptures tell us that the world will pass through future ages in which consciousness and Spirit will, in turn, be widely understood as the fundamental reality of creation. While we may not be able to envision what life will be like in those distant times, some physicists even today have posited that consciousness is the underlying reality behind the subatomic world of energy.

It is commonly believed today that our consciousness affects our health, for good or ill, and that our thoughts and feelings will impact the well-being of our body, heart, and mind.

These findings reflect an ancient belief that we not only are what we eat – we are also what we think and feel – and that our health reflects whether our consciousness is attuned to positive or negative subtle vibrational influences whose source is hidden to our physical senses.

Beginnings are born in consciousness. Thus the ancient texts tell us that everything in the material world is born of corresponding patterns of consciousness in the causal realm of pure thought and of energy in the astral plane. Everything that is manifested in the physical world is patterned by ideas and energies that pre-exist in the causal realm.

Many teachers, spiritual and mundane, tell us that if we want to achieve success in our work, relationships, and play, we should start by clearly visualizing our goal and the steps to attain it. We can then manifest it by energizing the thought with firm intention, will power, and energy.

The pattern for success is set early, and whether it is beneficial or detrimental, it can take on a life of its own, as we absorb it into our subconscious.

This is, in fact, the basis for the practice of affirmations – we repeat our intention first aloud – physically – and then we energize it by mental repetition, with deep concentration and volition.

Consider the miracle of conception and pregnancy. Conception can, of course, be un-planned – occasionally a mother may even find herself giving birth to a baby she didn’t realize was growing within her body.  Thus the mother and child will be forced to deal with a wholly unplanned beginning.

The circumstances surrounding the birth of an unplanned child will differ greatly from the circumstances of a baby born by conscious conception.

In a planned conception, the parents will form a clear intent that will draw to them a soul who is in harmony with their karma. Their conscious intent will influence the nature of the child they attract.

Conscious, intentional parents will give the newborn baby the best care possible. Today it is even possible to manage the pregnancy and influence the baby’s spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical qualities through transgenerational genetics and epigenetics, emotional and spiritual support, nutrition, and medical care.

Raising children who’ll become happy, healthy, strong, kind and compassionate, capable adults requires a conscious beginning and a great deal of conscious encouragement and guidance by parents and teachers along the way.

When our son was small, we decided that a conscious early childhood education would give him the best foundation to become the best, most happy and successful version of himself. This was far more important to us than whether he would someday attend an Ivy League school.

We knew that a strong beginning would offer him a priceless foundation that would support him throughout his life, wherever his path might lead him.

As we took up the project of raising our son consciously, we were extremely fortunate to discover the Living Wisdom School of Palo Alto (follow the link for information).

In addition to challenging each child academically at the edge of his or her individual abilities, the school’s core values include a very bedrock, practical, daily commitment to helping the children develop emotional freedom, healthy relationships, kindness and compassion for others, creativity, and intuition.

The teachers are trained to balance academics with quiet time, exercise, time spent outdoors in nature, service, and nondenominational spiritual practices of meditation, prayer, affirmation, yoga postures, and more.

A pivotal goal of the Living Wisdom Schools is to help children develop healthy habits, starting in kindergarten and continuing for the next 12 years, that will serve them in all of their life’s experiences. A core principle is that true education begins by guiding children’s consciousness, as well as their bodies, hearts, and will.

The song lyrics I remember from my childhood include, among many others: “I’ve been workin’ on the railroad, all the livelong day!” and “London Bridge is falling down!”

The lyrics we overheard our son sing to himself in his teens included: “Many hands make a miracle! Let’s all join hands together!” And “Come out of the darkness, Mother, bathe me in Thy light!”

Adolescence is a time when will power takes center stage in children’s development, as they prepare for independent adult life.

In its negative, unguided expression, will power can manifest as blind rebellion against an adult world that has failed to teach children about life’s high purpose and the path to true happiness and fulfillment.

The Living Wisdom High Schools take a deliberate approach to helping teens understand life’s joyous possibilities and how they can use their will power to find their purpose and navigate the world to find lasting happiness and success.

The teachers start by analyzing each teen’s consciousness – their likes, dislikes, abilities, and interests. Then they challenge the students’ will power with positive, constructive activities that give them individual daily success experiences, each at their own level.

The patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving that we set in kindergarten will mold our consciousness in ways that will help or hinder us throughout our lives.

The Living Wisdom School Rules reflect qualities that will serve well us at any age: “Choose Happiness. Practice Kindness.” “Find the Joy Within.” (See the graphic.)

If we’re to find real answers for these troubled times, we need to start by giving our children a more conscious education. If public schools would educate young people in the Living Wisdom way, the world would naturally evolve to be a more fulfilled, less discontented, generally happier place.

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