A New Book from Pacific Naturopathic on Prostate Cancer

ANNOUNCING: An Integrative Approach to Treating Prostate Cancer

Announcing a new book from Pacific Naturopathic, Prostate Cancer: A Comprehensive Integrative Guide, by Dr. Marcel Hernandez, ND. Follow the link or click the image to order the book on Amazon (available in hardcover or as a trade paperback or Kindle edition).

Dr. Marcel’s new book addresses these questions, among many others:

  • What is a prostate and what does it do?
  • Is a prostate biopsy safe?
  • What does the Gleason score mean?
  • How is the PSA interpreted?
  • What new therapies are available for treating prostate cancer?
  • Is surgery the right approach for me?
  • What are the side effects of conventional therapies for prostate cancer?
  • What evidence-based natural treatments are available for prostate cancer?

Prostate Cancer: A Comprehensive Integrative Guide is a must-have book for men with prostate cancer, for their caretakers, for health care providers and anyone seeking to understand how an integrative approach combining both conventional and  alternative therapies to treating cancer offers far better outcomes.

Using Light to Restore and Maintain Brain Function

A major advance in safe, well-researched, non-invasive therapy: now available in our clinic for addressing foggy brain, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, stroke, brain Injury, depression, anxiety and other conditions affecting quality of life. To learn more, follow the link to: New Research Confirms: Simple Light Therapy Restores and Maintains Brain Function. Dr. Marcel reveals amazing new research that confirms the beneficial brain effects of this well-researched, safe new therapeutic approach.

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