Confessions of a Naturopathic Physician and “Black Box” Junkie

Photo: Our grateful thanks to Toa Heftiba on Unsplash!

In the naturopathic healing world where Dr. Connie and I live, “Black Box” refers to an electronic device whose inner workings are a mystery to the user, and whose therapeutic effectiveness is open to question.

For example, we presently have a pair of RIFE frequency generators that were given to us by their unhappy users.

Invented nearly a century ago, the RIFE machine purportedly emits low-energy electromagnetic waves that destroy pathogenic organisms in the body, including  cancer cells.

Marcel Hernandez, ND

The RIFE variety of Black Box is alleged to detect electrical impulses emitted by an organism or tumor and then zap them with specific frequencies.

Our units sit unused in a closet, where they occasionally remind me to wondner if my respect for hard science has made me unreceptive to novel but potentially viable therapeutic approaches.

We once owned a more sophisticated RIFE “QX” machine that was intended to be used in diagnosis and treatment.

The theory was that specific tissues, for example in the skin or liver, when they’re functioning normally, emit a “healthy” frequency.  The machine was claimed to pick up “unhealthy” frequencies, invert them, and feed them back into the affected tissue, thereby correcting the pathology.

Interestingly, the machine appeared to elicit startling positive results in a number of cases in our practice.

Was it simply the placebo effect?  I don’t know.

We presently have:

  • An ionic foot bath detox machine that we offer for our patients’ use in the office
  • Two therapeutic ultrasound machines
  • A sophisticated colonic hydrotherapy machine in our Hawaii office
  • A therapeutic hand-massaging machine
  • A large vibrating two-handed muscle massager
  • A foot vibrating platform
  • A Centurion Ezy Coil, also offered to patients at a nominal fee for use in the office

I find the Centurion Ezy Coil fascinating. 

Pictured above, it’s yet another frequency-generating device, but its emanations are called PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency).

Pulsating electromagnetic fields influence cellular behavior by inducing electrical changes within and around the cell.

One of these changes, improved blood supply, increases oxygen pressure which activates and regenerates cells.

Increased blood supply enhances cellular calcium transport, which stimulates repair and growth of cartilage while dramatically decreasing joint pain.

Calcium absorption by bones also increases.  Dr. Connie and I have often used the device to relieve musculoskeletal aches and pains.

So here we are, investing in another expensive Black Box for our own and our patients’ use.

We’ve known about photobiomodulation for quite some time, but because it was a brand-new therapeutic approach when we first learned about it, we decided to wait for some studies on its effectiveness before we invested.

In next week’s article, I’ll outline some of the studies that moved us to acquire the technology.

I became a naturopathic doctor because I was convinced that we can optimize health and address sickness effectively with the healing tools and approaches that humanity has already identified on the planet, such as herbs, minerals, enzymes, clean water, salt water, pure air, and the healing rays of the sun.

After many years of practice, I’ve not swayed a millimeter from this path.

But I also know that we are energetic beings – that our bodies are a collection of molecules held together in specific electromagnetic configurations.   Photodynamic therapy is a safe, non-invasive way to address imbalances in those energetic patterns.  As you’ll discover in next week’s article, many recent third-party studies have verified its effectiveness.

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