Moving Into Fall — A Chinese Medicine Perspective

by Anandini Wadera, LAc

Anandini Ladera, Lac

As we move into Fall, I notice my Qi turning in earlier for the day and the need for more deep rest. It isn’t surprising since the natural world around us is settling in earlier too – the birds, the trees, and the visual signal of darkness.

With this natural transition into Fall and Winter, in which it’s important to conserve and replenish our Qi for next Spring, I recommend building Qi in a gentle way.

Try adding Wild Goose Qi Gong into your wellness and movement routine, either as a work break or as part of your larger workout routine. Wild Goose Qi Gong brings a wonderful sense of calm, teaches you the stillness within movement – the yin within the yang – increases circulation, and most importantly, its goose-like movements are light and fun!

Here’s a good video for the Wild Goose Qi Gong:

Fly free and rest deeply this season,



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