What’s the Best Medically Validated Way to Reduce Our Risk of Cancer?

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Have we – finally – defeated cancer?

Not even close. The World Health Organization (WHO) warned in 2014 that over the next 20 years cancer rates worldwide would surge an astounding 57 percent.

In simple English, what this means is that cancer diagnoses would climb from around 14 million to 22 million per year.

WHO added that deaths from cancer would rise from around 8.2 million annually to 13 million.

WHO then attempted to answer the obvious question: How can we reverse this alarming trend?

The WHO scientists frankly admitted that we cannot hope to correct the situation using our current treatment strategies.

What’s needed, instead, is an intensified emphasis on prevention and early diagnosis.

If there’s a positive side to the study, it’s that upwards of 50 percent of all cancer cases could be prevented through a combination of diet, exercise, and early detection.

Most of our readers know that adjunctive cancer care is one of our main offerings at Pacific Naturopathic.

In his consultations with cancer patients, Dr. Marcel is often asked, “Can you cure me?”

He responds that if we could cure cancer, our clinic would have a line of patients stretching from our door to San Jose, 20 miles away.

No, we can’t cure cancer.

But what we do, really well at Pacific Naturopathic is help people stay in their bodies longer than conventional medicine would predict, while maintaining a high quality of life.

We feel very tangibly that we’ve been blessed by God to offer this service, and we take our work very, very seriously.

In the weeks ahead, we will look at complementary support approaches for cancer patients.

Think happy, healthy thoughts! Seek opportunities for laughter! Express love and appreciation often!

Best wishes from your Pacific Naturopathic team: Drs. Connie and Marcel, Dr. Sage, Jane, Anandini, Marisa, Bridget, Gabe, and Marina