Anti-Viral Advice for COVID-19 from Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine Shop, photo by Kristoffer Trolle on Flickr.


by Anandini Wadera, Lac

Chinese Medicine has a long, honored history of success in times of epidemic illness.

There have been 320 large-scale epidemics in China since the Han dynasty. In Chinese medicine, many of the classical texts, such as the Shang Han Lun and Jin Gui Yao Lue, include herbal remedies for defending ourselves against various flu-like pathogens.

In China during the COVID-19 outbreak, 80% to 85% of those affected received Traditional Chinese Medicine herbal treatments in tandem with hospital care.

Anandini Ladera, Lac

While widespread use of TCM has not been adopted elsewhere, a group of medical professionals from China were sent to help with the unusually severe COVID outbreak in Italy. The group included Traditional Chinese Medicine providers who brought herbal supplies.

Although herbs are currently in short supply, I aim to provide the best care I can in these times, and I’m happy to report that I can continue to prescribe herbal formulas that can be drop-shipped to my patients’ homes. 

In the meantime, I recommend that you stock up on immune-boosting elixirs such as elderberry, astragalus, and cordyceps.

I say this all the time: keep your necks covered and protected from the wind! I know that the sun is starting to peak out in these early spring days, and we may feel like dancing in its glory. But please keep your neck covered while you enjoy the sunshine and cool, fresh air.

Finally, remember to be kind to yourselves and your loved ones. This is new territory for us all, and it’s important to create space in our minds, even if we can’t create it in the physical world.

To continue providing care to those in need, I am holding virtual appointments and virtual herbal consultations. These include herbal consultations for anxiety and stress management, immune boosting, and for those of you experiencing mild flu-like symptoms that may or may not be COVID-19.

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