COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update #1

You can read our latest articles about the COVID-19 / Coronavirus crisis here — including positive, hard-to-find information about the best natural approaches for avoiding the virus and strengthening our bodies’ defenses.

Because this information will be invaluable to others who may find us through online searches, we’ll also post the articles here in rapid succession, today. We also encourage you to look at last month’s newsletter, which suggested specific remedies for addressing the virus.

A note from Pacific Naturopathic:

We were in Whole Foods recently and the checkout lines were 4-5 people long with overflowing shopping carts.  We had never seen this before.  We also went to a drugstore looking for rubbing alcohol (they were sold out) and noticed that all the toilet paper was gone as well.  There were still a few boxes of tissue, and one person had a shopping cart piled up over the cart’s rim with Kleenex boxes.

The fear and frenzy have taken hold. Hoarding is rampant to the extent that some markets are rationing consumables. Although there is legitimate reason to be concerned, the coronavirus is not the plague.  The overwhelming majority (97.4%) of people do survive and return to normal lives. We cannot help but wonder what would happen in a greater crisis with a larger percentage of the population at risk?

May all beings be healthy and happy!

Dr. Connie, Dr. Marcel, Dr. Sage, Jane H. and your health care team at Pacific Naturopathic and the Hernandez Center for Adjunctive Cancer Care


We are not a place where large numbers of people gather, and we do wipe down door handles, faucets  and other surfaces in common areas hourly and provide antibacterial hand washing soap and paper towels.

You CAN practice social distancing here. You CAN pick up pharmacy, consult with Drs. Connie and Marcel in person, receive intravenous Vitamin C and other intravenous treatments.

We do insist that you stay home, though, if your symptoms include undiagnosed fever, cough, difficulty breathing and fatigue. If you have these symptoms, or are otherwise uncomfortable making your way to the office, know that we have long offered telephone, FaceTime and ZOOM consultations where you can conference with us from the safety and privacy of your own home. Phone 650-961-1660 to schedule your remote appointment.

If you need pharmacy that is not available from Fullscript (CLICK HERE for direct access to Fullscript), but don’t want to come in to the clinic, phone to make sure we have what you need, and office staff can bring your pharmacy to the door when you arrive to pick it up. Products that may be back-ordered on Fullscript, may be available in the office, and vice versa as dispensaries struggle to keep up with demand.

Be well!