Our State of Mind (and Heart and Soul) Powerfully Influences our Health

Photo: We extend our grateful thanks to Bobby Johnson on Unsplash.

By Dr. Marcel Hernandez, ND

One of the greatest invisible influences on our health is the essential quality of our consciousness which filters down into our daily experience and expression of life.

As we mature, become increasingly aware of a greater source of healing wisdom that wants to guide us in every situation we encounter. That quiet guidance is the “still, small voice” that is spoken of by the wise in all traditions.

If you have a spiritual focus, the guidance comes from “God.”

Marcel Hernandez, ND

If you have trouble with the “G” word, you understand that the natural world has a structure and coherence that inspire wonder, and that when you seek a deeper connection with this invisible force, it is profoundly healing to your heart and mind. Perhaps you’ve felt the connection while standing in awe at the base of a giant redwood, or when watching the waves break on a beach at Big Sur.

Because I feel God’s energetic presence manifested in the natural world, I never see a separation between God and His creation. Spirit and nature are eternally playing in an unceasing cosmic dance.

Consider some of the ways that “lifting our eyes unto the Lord” awakens a healing power in our bodies and minds.

We’ve felt that expressing gratitude raises our energy.

We’ve felt that helping others opens springs of tremendous satisfaction and joy.

We know that compassion and understanding hold a power to banish darkness, including anger and resentment.

We know that kindness is a quality that all great spiritual teachers laud for its healing benefits to ourselves.

You can surely add your own truths.

We only need to find the keys to unlock our vibrational alignment with all creation. A teacher or guide is essential, whether it be a priest, rabbi, minister, imam, guru, or a person of deep wisdom.

How does the Spirit in all nature relate to our health?

Spiritual growth comes by expanding our awareness to include ever-broader realities beyond our own. The signs of growth are that we become happier and able to handle whatever may be happening with our bodies with greater equanimity and less anxiety, fear, and stress.

When a friend or loved one has a health challenge, we are able to offer them healing compassion, understanding and unconditional love from a higher level of truth and purity. We may even feel the divine Hand offering them a silent reassurance of healing love and joy.

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