Toxin Dangers, and a Small Group Detox/Cleansing Opportunity

Photo: We gratefully acknowledge photographer Filip Mroz on Unsplash.

At various times in the past, we’ve offered detox/cleansing programs for small groups lasting three weeks with a limit of five participants.

Although many participants have benefitted from the programs, there’s one group that stands out in my memory.

Of the five participants, three had moderate issues of allergies and fatigue, but one participant had severe arthritis that forced her to walk on crutches, and the remaining participant had serious asthma that meant she could never be without her inhaler.

After the program, all of the participants felt significantly more alive and symptom-free – so much so that they were unanimous in asking if they could continue the diet beyond three weeks, which we didn’t recommend.

The person with arthritis was able to walk completely pain-free without crutches, and the participant with asthma no longer needed her inhaler.

Miracles? In a way, I suppose – but, really, it was just basic science.

We’ve known for a long time that our physical well-being is dangerously compromised by the toxins in our environment. Dr. Joseph Pizzorno, a dear friend of ours and a colleague, summarizes the many ways toxins can harm our bodies, in his recent book The Toxin Solution: How Hidden Poisons in the Air, Water, Food, and Products We Use are Destroying Our Health, and What We Can Do to Fix It.

Dr. Pizzorno makes the following important points, among others:

Toxins damage enzymes and prevent them from working properly. Our bodies are enzyme engines – every bodily function depends on enzymes for the manufacture of molecules, to create energy, and to create new cell structures. By damaging these vital enzymes, toxins undermine countless vital bodily functions – for example, toxins inhibit the production of hemoglobin and impair the body’s ability to prevent free-radical damage that makes us age prematurely.

Toxins displace structural minerals, resulting in weaker bones. As we age, we really have no choice but to maintain a healthy bone mass, or else we will quickly lose mobility. By displacing bone calcium, toxins weaken the body’s skeletal structures. Bone loss, in turn, increases the release of toxins, freeing them to circulate throughout the body and cause even more mischief.

Toxins damage organs. Exposure to toxins damages nearly every organ and metabolic and muscular system in the body. In his book, Dr. Pizzorno focuses specifically on the detox organs. If your digestive tract, liver, and kidneys are so toxic that they can no longer eliminate these poisons, even the best detox program will backfire and your body will remain toxic.

Toxins damage DNA, resulting in accelerated aging and physical degeneration. Many commonly used products that contain benzene, including pesticides, phthalates, and improperly detoxified estrogens, damage DNA.

Toxins modify gene expression. Our genes must be able to switch on and off in sync with changes in our bodies and the environment. Unfortunately, many toxins activate or suppress our genes in undesirable ways.

Toxins damage cell membranes so they can no longer respond properly. The body’s “signaling” processes occur in the cell membranes; damage to the membranes prevents them from receiving important messages. Insulin no longer signals the cells to absorb more sugar, and muscle cells can no longer relax in response to cell membrane’s messages signaling the presence of magnesium.

Toxins interfere with hormones and cause hormonal imbalances. Toxins inhibit, mimic, and block hormones. For example, arsenic disrupts thyroid hormone receptors on the cells, preventing the cells from receiving messages from the thyroid hormones that tell the cells to rev up the metabolism. The result is inexplicable fatigue.

Last but not least, toxins actually impair your ability to detoxify. This is the worst effect of all. When your body is very toxic and desperately in need of detoxing, it may be harder for it to detox than when it isn’t toxic. In other words, just when you need it the most, your detox system is likely to be functioning below par. Why? Because the body’s heavy toxic load has overwhelmed its detox capacity.

This why it’s so important to start restoring your detox organs, so your body can once again begin to release toxins.


Quite simply, for most people, a scientifically focused cleansing program can help prevent the onset of illness and create a renewed sense of well-being.

Our cleansing program at Pacific Naturopathic includes the following components:

  1. A booklet of directions and handouts offering detailed descriptions and guidance for the program steps ($25 value).
  2. A specially formulated medical powder (provided with the program) that when mixed with water, juice or broth and taken several times a day provides nutritional support to the body’s detoxification systems, primarily the liver’s CP-450 system ($300 value).
  3. A powdered fiber supplement taken daily to bind toxins and carry them to elimination ($38 value).
  4. Instructions, handouts and recipes for a therapeutic detox diet regimen consisting of hypoallergenic foods that eliminates the intake of high-allergen foods and certain animal products not permitted during the therapeutic diet but which may be reintroduced upon program completion.
  5. Details of a lifestyle program that includes appropriate hydration, supplemental therapeutic recommendations, exercise, and rest.
  6. Six ionizing foot bath detox sessions at our clinic, scheduled separately ($300 value).
  7. Three once-weekly glutathione I.V.s at our clinic, scheduled separately ($225 value).
  8. Three evening group meetings. At the first meeting (at the start of the program), we discuss the program components, answer questions, and start the participants on their cleanses. At the second meeting, one week later, we discuss any issues and reactions that may have arisen during the first week, and plan the next two weeks. At the last meeting, at the conclusion of the program two weeks later, we summarize the events of the past three weeks and help participants with guidance for safely returning to a more normal diet. Included in this last meeting is a discussion of the elimination/challenge diet – a valuable system for helping participants discover which foods are causing individual reactions or other issues. All meetings are on Friday evening.

Interested? Here are more details:

  • To facilitate individual attention and intimate discussion, the group is limited to five people. The first five participants to register will be admitted to the program. Others may be put on a waiting list and given first priority for future programs.
  • As mentioned, all group meetings take place on Friday evening. The meeting dates are May 10, 17, and 31. If a participant misses a meeting, no make-up sessions will be possible. Meetings will begin at 6:00 p.m. sharp, and each meeting will last approximately 60 minutes.
  • The program cost is $1200, payable at the time of registration. This amount includes the detoxifying supplement powder, the fiber powder, a booklet of handouts and guides, six ionizing detox foot baths, three glutathione I.V.s, and three group sessions. Please note that refunds will not be issued after the program begins.
  • NOTE: This cleanse is not recommended for diabetics or folks with severe nutrient deficiencies.

To register, please call us at 650-961-1660, or stop by the office.