IV Therapy for Chronic Anxiety

Photo: J.R. Korpa on Unsplash.

Most of us have experienced anxiety – at times when our lives took us in new and unfamiliar directions – or when we were confronted with changes outside of our control.

The earth seemed to shake beneath our feet, leaving us disoriented, without a clear sense of direction.

Situational anxiety is likely to be highly individual, triggered by circumstances that make us feel very uncomfortable, but that may cause no hint of alarm for others.

Marcel Hernandez, ND

Fortunately, once the situation dissipates and we find ourselves back on familiar ground, the anxiety generally vanishes.

Constitutional or chronic anxiety is a different story. It’s anxiety that persists even in the absence of any external stimuli, and that may be uncontrollable.

In conventional medicine, the typical treatment for situational anxiety is pharmaceutical drugs. But in the kind of functional medicine that we practice at Pacific Naturopathic, we use a broader spectrum of aids to help our patients manage the disabling effects of anxiety.

Chief among these is our anti-anxiety intravenous therapy formula. Administered weekly, it can smooth the edges off of the sufferer’s anxiety and allow them to manage their life with greater poise and inner freedom.

The IV anxiety formula is rich in soothing antioxidants, amino acids, minerals and vitamins, and is easily administered in less than two hours in comfortable surroundings.

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