Subtle Healing: the Power of Energy & Consciousness


Kirlian photograph of a meditator.
Kirlian photograph of a meditator.

by Connie Hernandez, ND


Are we physical beings?

Or are we, as some scientists have begun to suspect, and enlightened masters of all

paths have taught, beings projected from an infinite source of energy and intelligence, and only temporarily encased in the fragile shell of a human body?

Dr. Connie Hernandez, ND
Dr. Connie Hernandez, ND

As I’ll shortly suggest, there are a number of solid, practical reasons to envision of ourselves as projections of a multidimensional energy field.

The ancient scriptures of the East tell us that we are composed of three bodies: a body of pure consciousness (the “causal body”), a body of energy (the “astral body”), and only lastly, a physical body.

Experiments by a great Indian scientist of the early 20th centure, Jagadis Chandra Bhose, suggested that the body’s physical form reflects the shape of an underlying structure of energy.

In turn, those patterns of energy carry an intelligence that ensures the proper functioning and growth of the physical cells and structure.

We can see these ghostly energy patterns in the now-famous Kirlian photographs – most startlingly, the energy pattern of a leaf continues to appear in subsequent photographs, even if part of the leaf is cut off.

Kirlian photo of a torn leaf, showing the unaffected energy pattern.
Kirlian photo of a torn leaf, showing the unaffected energy pattern.

Given that subtle energies appear to play a central and in the creation, growth, and functioning of our bodies, it isn’t terribly bizarre to suggest that a disturbance or distortion in these energetic fields might risk causing physical disease – and, further, that restoring the pattern can help us heal.

To put it simply, we may be able to heal the physical body with physical medicines, at least temporarily, but if the underlying energetic pattern continues to be disturbed, the body will quickly revert to a state of dis‑ease.

All of which I think makes a very good argument for treating the primary cause of disease at the level of energy and consciousness.

Bruce Lipton, an American developmental biologist, is best known for promoting the highly controversial idea that our genes and DNA can be changed by our beliefs. Based on his research with human cells, Lipton believes it isn’t only the physical foods we eat that can influence our biology, but our thoughts, emotions, and subconscious beliefs.

As the Buddha said, “All that we are is the result of what we have thought.”

Consider the astonishing studies of Japanese researcher Masaru Emoto, on how human thoughts and emotions are reflected in the structure of “inanimate” water crystals.

Emoto photographed the effects of people’s thoughts and words, as well as musical sounds and other vibrational stimuli, on the crystallization of water.

He found that beautiful thoughts, words, and harmonious music formed gorgeous, complex water crystals, while violent words and music caused muddied and disintegrated structures.

Masaru Emoto’s photos of water crystals shaped by various words.
Masaru Emoto’s photos of water crystals shaped by various words.

Startlingly, the effects persisted even when the words weren’t spoken aloud but were simply thought, or silently written.

Given that up to 65 percent of our human bodies is water, it would behoove us to be very careful about the kinds of thoughts and feelings we cultivate, and that we allow to enter our consciousness.

The great master of yoga, Paramhansa Yogananda, taught that positive thoughts, feelings, and affirmations carry tremendous power to help us heal our bodies.

Repeating a positive affirmation with deep attention and feeling plants a vibratory seed in our consciousness. Our consciousness begins to resonate with the harmonizing frequency of the seed thought, and as we continue to repeat the affirmation with wholehearted attention, the vibration becomes strong enough to change our bodies and our lives.

More revealing water crystal experiments.
More revealing water crystal experiments.

This is the basis of the ancient science of chanting. When combined with music, affirmations of deep spiritual truths have enhanced power to heal our hearts, minds, and bodies.

Far more powerful than chanting and affirmation, the sages of all paths tell us, is attunement to the consciousness of an enlightened master. A wide array of spiritual tools, including deep meditation, can help us become attuned to the high vibrations of Spirit. And in the presence of Spirit, as Yogananda often said, disease cannot exist.

Meditators have long known that when their energy and consciousness rise to the level of the heart, it becomes impossible to think negative thoughts about others. As our consciousness rises in meditation, our being is flooded with vibrations of bliss and love.

Naturopathy has always welcomed methods for vibrational healing, including techniques such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and somatic experiencing, as practiced at Pacific Naturopathic by Jane Hernandez and Brad Beldner.

There are many easily accessible ways to reprogram our subconscious and free ourselves from old patterns of thought and emotion that may be detrimental to our physical, emotional, and spiritual health.


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