Invisible Sources of Healing Energy

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Marcel Hernandez, ND

At the start of my career as a naturopathic physician, I had the very good fortune to study with the late John Bastyr, ND.

John was a legendary naturopath, and founder of the country’s leading naturopathic medical school, Bastyr University in Seattle.

A legendary story about Dr. Bastyr tells how he greeted a patient who’d come to see him about some health issue. Bastyr laid a hand on the patient’s shoulder and asked him how he could help. Whereupon the patient paused, then visibly brightened and said, “I no longer even know why I’m here – as soon as I walked in the door I began to feel better!”

Marcel Hernandez, ND, of Pacific Naturopathic in Mountain View, California
Dr. Marcel Hernandez, ND

In my years as a spiritual seeker and healer, I’ve seen too many incidents of this nature to harbor the slightest doubt that unseen healing influences do exist, and that they are powerful.

How can a healing by unseen powers take place?

I believe the first important factor is the doctor’s intention. A conscious starts the chain of invisible vibrational events that can effect a change in the physical body.

Without a clear intention, the path to healing tends to be too disorganized and laborious.

Dr. Bastyr’s long experience, linked to his powers of observation and his inner attunement with the patient’s energetic state, were able to set in motion a current of energy that harmonized the patient’s disturbed energy field.

Dr. Bastyr’s model of “energetic intervention” has become a standard that naturopathic doctors aspire to. Here at Pacific Naturopathic, for example, the healing interchange begins the moment the patient walks in the door and is greeted by the doctor. We’ve become so accustomed to the inner feeling of a vibrational exchange at these first meetings that we hardly think about it. Even before we’ve asked the patient, “How are you?” we’re often aware of what the patient’s reply will be. And as we begin to feel a growing attunement and alignment with the patient’s need, our inner intention takes the appropriate shape and empowers us to visualize the appropriate steps to effect a healing.

We feel that as holistic doctors we have a real spiritual responsibility to serve as channels for positive, healing energy, as the first step toward helping those who come to us for help.

The second, equally essential part of the healing equation is the patient’s fintention. The patient needs to be open, attuned, and ready for a positive change to occur. Energetic healing is like a radio – both a transmitter and receiver are needed.

How can you, as a patient, set the right, positive intention for your own healing? Let me suggest an approach.

First thing in the morning, as soon as you wake up, either lie in bed or sit up and quietly inhale, slowly and deeply. Inhale for five seconds, hold the breath for three seconds, then exhale slowly for five seconds. Repeat the process three times, pausing for a moment after each exhalation.

Now ask yourself about your best intention for the day.

“What can I do to help make this day exceptional?”

“What’s the most important thing I want to achieve when I see the doctor today?”

“How can I serve the highest purpose of my life throughout this day?”

Ask the question that comes most naturally to mind. Then listen. Don’t waste energy thinking, thinking, thinking – just quietly listen for the simple response. The right answer will generally be the first one that comes to your consciousness.

Don’t dismiss the answer because it seems too simple. Don’t judge it. Resist the mental urge to complicate the answer. Don’t shred it with logic. Just learn to trust the process – realize that true inspiration comes from the calm inner feelings of the heart.

Try to keep a connection with your intention throughout the day. If you drift into distracting thoughts, quietly step aside and take time to recall your intention; it may even help to repeat the breathing exercise. The goal is to be relaxed, and open to receive the guidance of the higher Self that dwells at the core of your being, and that possesses all wisdom and has your best interests eternally at heart.

This simple practice will focus your day, bring meaning and harmony to your life, and open channels for positive, healthy energy to flow to you.

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