Who Are the Fast Healers?

Why do some people seem to heal faster than others?

Could it be that the fast healers have something in common – like an enhanced diet, or a super-positive mental/emotional habitual state?

Marcel Hernandez, ND, of Pacific Naturopathic in Mountain View, CaliforniaPerhaps their immune systems are so powerful that the kinds of infections that would floor others just breeze through them.

We’re delighted to be able to offer an example of a fast healer from our own family.

When we lived in Vermont, a whooping cough epidemic raged through the small town where we practiced. Even kids who’d been vaccinated contracted the illness and were mostly bedridden.

Gabriel, our son, contracted whooping cough as well. But his experience was like night and day compared to the other children. Though coughing like crazy, Gabe wasn’t bedridden – he was able to run around experiencing the world with his customary high energy.

The difference was that his naturopathic doctor parents had ensured that his immune system was vibrant and responsive.

Many of our patients have experienced the powerful effect that simple pre- and post-surgical naturopathic protocols can have on the outcome of the surgery. Invariably, after the procedure, the surgeon will say something like, “That’s the most rapid, bruise-free healing I’ve ever seen!”

As we enter Fall and the weather chills, be sure to take care of your immune system and it will surely take care of you. By eating the foods you know are immune-building, by supplementing appropriately, and by avoiding immune suppressors (eating too many sweets or stimulants, overwork, over-exercise, stress, over-exposure to the cold and to the ill, etc.), you’ll sail through winter like our son Gabe.


Dr. Marcel

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