Energy Stories for Health & Healing

Picture this. You’re busily working at the office one morning, when a coworker arrives.

They’re late, and no sooner do they reach their desk than they shout an expletive very loudly, slam a briefcase on the desk, and kick the trashcan.

Marcel Hernandez, ND
Marcel Hernandez, ND

A coworker tries to calm the noisemaker. Another runs off to the break room. Another lowers her head and waits for the storm to pass.

Your distraught coworker created a powerful disturbance in the office energy. People reacted in their own, unique ways. The point is: everybody reacted. Energy is contagious!

Dolphins are socially well-adjusted creatures. In a classic experiment, scientists separated a dolphin from his pod buddies. Once separated, the scientists jumbled the solo dolphin’s schedule with erratic feeding times, irregular periods of light and dark, and deprivation of social contact. (The experiment happened years ago; it would be impossible in today’s more compassionately aware scientific environment.)

The lone dolphin soon began demonstrating neurotic behaviors. And when the dolphin was reunited with its pod, the other pod members almost immediately started exhibiting the same neurotic behaviors. The point to be learned is this: negative feelings are powerfully transferable. Energy is contagious.

Of course, the “rest of the story” is that positive energy is every bit as contagious as negative energy. Perhaps even more so.

When Dr. Connie and I lived in Japan, we operated a spiritual center where we held weekly gatherings. People from all over the world, including many Japanese, came to our home to interact on a high energetic level.

An American male, married to a lovely Japanese woman, could not keep negative thoughts from tumbling out of his mouth. He criticized everything, including the Japanese culture and people.

A single candle can drive the darkness from a room. Focus on the positive and your life will change.
A single candle can drive the darkness from a room. Focus on the positive and your life will change.

Dr. Connie and I decided that for every negative utterance he made, we would gently rebut it with a positive expression.

After several go-rounds, the man broke down in tears. He had tuned into the energetic disturbance that he was creating, perhaps becoming aware of it for the first time. Our relentless positive energy shattered his negative energy pattern.

Energy is contagious. And here’s the important point: positive energy has more power than negative energy.

When we study the happiest people in the world, we find that they make it their life’s work to stay consistently in a positive expression of energy.

Many of the folks Dr. Connie and I socialize with would probably phrase it differently. They might say that our life’s work is to express “our highest vision.” Our friends understand that staying positive is important for our spiritual survival. Really, it’s a question of life and death.

We’re deeply conscious that people tend to become like those they choose to hang out with. Therefore, we’re very careful whom we choose to spend time with. 

The final chapter in the Energy Story is yours.

Can you remember a time when you were uplifted by another person’s presence? When you felt genuine joy flowing through you? When you wished that the moment would last?

Well, these positive moments need not end. Positive energy is yours to make, to share, and to surround yourself with. Positive attitudes of kindness, compassion, cooperation, support, and good cheer are your natural birthright. And it only takes a little practice to start making them a dynamic, life-changing part of your day.

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