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  1. Herbs and Spices — One Big Healing Family. Dr. Connie reveals the healing properties of common herbs and spices.
  2. My Herbal Healing Journey. Dr. Marcel describes his experiences with herbal healing as a young boy in Cuba.
  3. The Surprising Health Benefits of Intravenous Methylene Blue. Dr. Marcel describes the benefits of MB in the treatment of a host of conditions, including cancer.
  4. What Are the Safest Sugar Replacements? Dr. Connie runs through the sugar-replacement options and reveals which ones are safest.
  5. Shaking Sugar Cravings – A Practical Approach. Dr. Connie shares her suggestions for folks who want to eat better, feel better, and save themselves a bundle on health care costs.
  6. Things You Don’t Want to Know About Sugar. Dr. Marcel says good health begins with the immune system, which is highly vulnerable to the negative effects of dietary sugar.
  7. Forget the Ineffective Flu Shot: Stay Well with a Myers Cocktail. Dr. Marcel reveals the reasons oral vitamins are vastly less effective than IV supplementation.
  8. A Peace Mind in a Troubled World. How can we stay healthy and happy in a world riven with division and conflict? Dr. Marcel suggests some simple, practical ways to find the answer.
  9. Healthy Body — Peaceful World. Dr. Connie suggests that world peace must begin with personal change.
  10. Natural Options for Aches and Pains. Dr. Connie describes some of the proven naturopathic remedies for alleviating pain.
  11. Understanding Pain — 10 Questions. An interesting quiz adapted from an article on Web MD.
  12. Aches & Pains: Getting to the Cause. Dr. Connie describes her saga with shoulder pain, and why it’s best to identify the underlying cause.
  13. Do Miraculous Spiritual Healings Occur? Dr. Connie explains the lawful operation of spiritual healing.
  14. The Healing Miracle of Intravenous High-Dose Vitamin C. Dr. Marcel examines the surprising effectiveness of this simple natural treatment.
  15. When the Body Heals “Miraculously.”. Dr. Connie describes fascinating cases of sudden, “miraculous” healing through alternative therapies.
  16. Understanding Healing Miracles (How Did Jesus Do It?). Dr. Marcel gives us an energy-based but no less inspiring view of Jesus’ miracles.
  17. An IV Cocktail that Helps You Stay Healthy While Traveling. Dr. Marcel explains the immune-boosting benefits of this proven pre-travel remedy.
  18. Our Favorite Take-Along Kit for Healthy Travel. What remedies should you bring on your next trip? Dr. Connie gives her suggestions.
  19. Are Vaccines Safe? Two Personal Stories, With Commentary. Dr. Marcel tells his own experience with vaccination and explains how vaccines weaken the immune system.
  20. Hormone Testing: Why a Cautious Approach is Best. Dr. Connie explains why traditional lab tests may miss or mis-diagnose a hormonal imbalance.
  21. Seven Helpful Diagnostic Lab Tests Your Doctor Doesn’t Offer. Dr. Marcel and Dr. Connie offer a number of lab tests that can pinpoint troublesome health issues more accurately than the standard tests used in traditional medicine.
  22. A Better Alternative to Standard Lab Tests for Health Issues. Dr. Connie describes problems with the diagnostic value of standard medical lab testing, and suggests a more revealing, affordable alternative.
  23. Anti-Aging Therapies at Pacific Naturopathic in Mt. View, CA. Dr. Marcel describes the anti-aging effects of nutritional intravenous therapies.
  24. Who Are the Fast Healers? Some people are hardly ever sick, and when they are they heal extraordinarily quickly. Dr. Marcel explains what sets the fast healers apart.
  25. How Does Healing Happen? Dr. Connie traces the source of all healing to energy, and even more subtly to Spirit.
  26. Phosphatidylcholine: #1 Nutrient for Anti-Aging and Brain Health. Dr. Marcel ennumerates the many benefits of this important nutrient for our brains and other organs.
  27. Farmed Fish — What You May Not Know. Dr. Marcel says we should think twice before choosing “safe” farm-raised fish.
  28. When Should I Compromise My Vegetarian Diet? When it comes to choosing between rigid dietary principles and overall health, says Dr. Connie, common sense is in order.
  29. Food Fanatics and Food Fanaticism — What’s a Health Balance?. Dr. Connie riffs on food extremes, and why it’s healthy to eat right but be flexible.
  30. Environmental Toxins — Testing and Treatment. Dr. Connie suggests which tests for environmental toxins are most useful, and how to clear these toxins from our bodies.
  31. Environmental Toxins — Surely Not in Folks Like Us! Drs. Connie and Marcel discover that clean living may not protect us from the toxins in our environment.
  32. Mysterious Case of the Suddenly Unhealthy Housewife. Dr. Marcel explains why the dangers of hidden household mold should be taken very seriously.
  33. Supplements for Digestion and Much More. Drs. Connie and Marcel describe the supplements they personally take and swear by.
  34. Boost Your Immunity the Way Nature Intended. Master herbalist Elijah Free reveals nature’s three herbal healing options for strengthening our body’s own immune defenses.
  35. Immune System Functions, Malfunctions, and Fixes. Dr. Connie explains some common ways the immune system can go awry, and how we can protect ourselves.
  36. Powerful Protection Against Environmental Health Dangers. Dr. Connie evaluates the risks and suggests ways to strengthen our defenses.
  37. Six Lifestyle Factors That Can Cripple Your Immune System. Dr. Marcel prescribes six enjoyable ways to defend ourselves against colds, flu, and other illnesses.
  38. EFT: Quick Fix for Healing Emotional and Physical Traumas. Jane Hernandez describes a simple, easy way to release energy blocks that cause us physical and emotional pain.
  39. Are Your Health Problems Due to Environmental Toxins? Dr. Connie explains simple steps we can take to protect our bodies from the dangerous chemicals in our environment.
  40. Remedies That Work, Part 4: When More Than One Remedy Is Needed. Elijah says most pain has mechanical and metabolic causes that can be remedied with his next-generation herbal formulas.
  41. Remedies That Work, Part 3: Simple Healing Secrets from Naturopathy. Dr. Connie suggests four irreducibly simple remedies that have passed the test of time.
  42. Remedies That Work, Part 2: The Elegance of the Myers Cocktail. This powerful IV formula bypasses the digestive system that frequently causes problems with nutrient malabsorption.
  43. Remedies That Work, Part 1: When Remedies Fail. Dr. Connie explains why our real health issues may be other than the immediately obvious.
  44. Solving the Low Energy Puzzle. Dr. Connie talks about the causes of low energy and their possible treatments.
  45. Energy Stories for Health & Healing. Dr. Marcel describes the powerful healing effects of positive energy.
  46. The Secret Source of Health and Healing. Dr. Connie Hernandez reveals how you can tap into an unlimited source of healing energy.
  47. Personal Transformation Through Conscious Nutrition. Lauren Hoover-West, author of No Wheat No Dairy No Problem, suggests ways to achieve better health by making wiser choices in the food we eat.
  48. Life Changes — the All-Important Middle Step. Elaine Kahn offers energy healing and life counseling at Pacific Naturopathic in Mt. View, CA.
  49. Renew Your Body With a Healing Cleanse. Dr. Brad West, ND explains how a physical cleanse can leave us feeling mentally, emotionally, and spiritually renewed.
  50. Naturopathy Treats the Underlying Causes of Disease, Not Just the Symptoms. Dr. Connie Hernandez reveals why naturopathic medicine can effect permanent, lasting healing.
  51. Finding Your True Healthy Self Through Spiritual Transformation. The great saints, sages, and healers tell us that the search for happiness starts within.
  52. The Story of Gato, the Cat Who Transformed Our Hearts. A remarkable story of the heart-opening power of love between humans and animals.
  53. To Change Your Health, Work on Your Consciousness. Our thoughts and feelings can affect our health, for good or ill. Don’t forget to take care of your inner self, when trying to heal your body.
  54. How to Find the Best Health Care Information, by Dr. Connie
  55. Health Care Challenge: Seven Questions You Should Ask Your Doctor, by Dr. Marcel
  56. When It Comes to Making Decisions About Your Health Care, One Sizes Does NOT Fit All, by Dr. Connie
  57. Amp-up Your Fitness with Breath-Movement Exercise, by Dr. Connie
  58. Solving Low Energy and Delayed Recovery in Exercise & Sports Training, by Dr. Corrine
  59. For the Best Health and High Energy, Check Your Spiritual Fitness, by Dr. Marcel
  60. How I Gave Up Worrying About Exercise and Started Really Enjoying It, by Dr. Connie
  61. The Why and How of Nutrient Supplementation, by Dr. Connie
  62. Supplements for Adrenal Health, by Dr. Corrine
  63. Five Super Supplements That Can Help Keep You Well. by Dr. Marcel
  64. Are Natural Supplements and Remedies Dangerous? by Dr. Connie
  65. Tame the Damaging Effects of Stress-Related Cortisol, by Elizabeth Hernandez, CCHT
  66. Making Wise Choices for Managing Your Menopause Experience, by Dr. Connie
  67. Are Your Adrenals, Thyroid, and Ovaries Affecting Your Quality of Life? by Dr. Corrine
  68. Men’s Health: The Dangerous World of Testosterone Replacement, by Dr. Marcel
  69. A Healthier Way to Balance Your Endocrine Glands, by Dr. Connie
  70. Intravenous (IV) Therapies — Part 1, by Dr. Connie
  71. FAQs & Answers: Benefits of IV Therapies — Part 2, by Dr. Marcel
  72. IV Therapies and Athletic Performance — Part 3, by Corrine Wang, ND
  73. Better Aging with IV Therapies — Part 4, by Dr. Connie
  74. IV Therapies for Your Immune System — Part 5, by Corrine Wang, ND

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